Alpha Apocrypha–the threshold of words yet to flood.

My Tune: Learning to Breathe by Switchfoot

“If there’s a book you really want to read, but it hasn’t been written yet, then you must write it.” ~Toni Morrison

Sigh(I’m starting this blog with a sigh because of several reasons- one, is that I truly know that this will be an outlet of my passion. Another, I myself have no idea why I aborted my former blog. Finally, I’m just excited to write on).

I assume that majority of the people that will dig this column already knows me by name and by appearance. So for those who do not belong to this so-called “majority” of mine, here is an overview of me: I’m Kenn Edward B. Tenorio… and that’s it! That would already be an overview of me, I insist, since we are in a world of mysteries that are yet to be known, locked up in different circumstances wherein clues are scattered to unlock them. This blog will be a place of clues and codes that would help you people to know me. This is exactly why I only gave you my full name as an overview. I believe it would be enough… for now.

I decided to make this blog not only because I feel like I have nothing good to do, but also because I am a member of the human race and as a part of it, It is my duty to inform, share and spread my sentiments as a way of showing my reactions to stimuli. So here I go…

The first thing I would like to talk to you about is the University Week celebration in my school, the University of Negros Occidental-Recoletos, which just ended up yesterday with an ornamental concert and a pure nothingness. I used “ornamental” and “nothingness”, words which are very much likely to be used in negative remarks. But that was during the ending of the celebration. Before the end, it was one hell of a week(positive note)!

It was a not-so-sunny Monday when the celebration started. As usual during non-schooldays, I woke up at 8:00 o’clock in the morning, even though the checking of attendance was at 7:30. Nothing really happened that day, except maybe for the Cheerdance Competition held in the amphitheater- the one I didn’t put any efforts and interest at. Before the entire competition started was when that day became significant to me(It’s a clandestine thing). Tuesday came quickly with a concert at the high school park which was absolutely plain. Wednesday came and it was perhaps the best part of the celebration. There was this Mr. and Miss UNO-R contest which was a great show for all of us who spared time to witness a crucial event in history. The night was followed with great conversations with significant people. I stayed late that night not only because I still chatted with my brother, who won the said contest, but because I still had to research about everything under the sun in preparation for the annual Literary Musical, where I was a contestant for the Impromptu Speaking contest[Category B]. It was already 3:00am when I finally was able to go to bed and dream of ways to live life even more effectively. As expected, I wasn’t able to wake up at the proper time for the contest, so I ended up late. Moments later, the contest I was in started. It started off with Mitchell(a senior student). He did very well. At that moment I already knew he will own the category. Ashraf(also a senior student) and John Re(a junior student) followed . Both of them did well too. And then it was my turn. I wasn’t at all nervous after having able to speak publicly countless times. All that was in my mind when I was walking my way to the microphone was what my English teacher planted into my mind- Your goal is not to win, dear. It is to answer the question and deliver well that you should consider as your main priority in the contest. – so true… and so, I said everything that was in my mind even those things which I’m not sure really exist like “Rice Programs” ;p. I ended up third of us four contestants. It wasn’t that bad afterall, I insist. Anyway, I completed my mission- to answer and deliver well. Friday was one of those normal days… only modified a bit. There was this Kasadyahan Dance and after that, my camaraderie and I bonded as we always do. We played child stuffs and it was fun…really fun!^~^ Saturday was the last day of the whole-week celebration. It started with me and my groupmates for our English Ballad Presentation practicing at my place. It was, I guess, a successful one. ( See Keith’s blog to know more about what happened last Saturday:P.) This day was also one of the best, so far. New expressions were unleashed. Fresh discoveries were scattered. Bonding with people worth being with was made even more stronger.

This would be a summary of the University Week Celebration.

~Post Script~

My U-week was actually an enjoyable one because of the people who I was with and what I was when I was with them. Perhaps, they made bitter taste bittersweet afterall.

My nocturnal ego was once again unveiled during the entire week of celebration.

I fell in love with this girl during the week. ( and I’m still until now. I guess it’ll be this way for forever. ^^)

Before the u-week, I was torn between two pretty faces, which eventually made me temporarily a paranoid.

While I was typing the entry proper(namely “Alpha Apocrypha–the threshold of words yet to flood”, I was consuming milk tea. I took a sip for like every minuite.

After I have published this entry, I’ll make myself another cup of milk tea(soooo British!).


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