Because It’s Not a Fight With a Stranger

My Tune: Somewhere Only We Know by Keane

With such ties, bonds can never be broken.

With such ties, bonds can never be broken.

From the very beginning of my existence, I am already known as the type of person who can never seem to go on with life without a “team” of people usually known as “friends”. Ever so often, I find myself wondering how I’ve been with so many people in my life already even if I’m only fifteen. Looking back, I always see different faces of familiar people who have been alongside with me all along, and I just can’t seem to deny that they have always been a part of me.

Growing up, I notice myself hating and being hated. The beginning process of dealing with haters had been rough for me. I never dealt the entire thing with maturity. But as time progressed, I deliberately and fortunately managed being hated the right way(perhaps, even the “more right” way than before).I realized that dealing with your haters is actually a complete waste of time. Because if we take a look at the big picture, no one’s really born to please everyone–only those he loves and love him. So let me add something to the said realization:

Dealing with haters is a complete waste of time– unless they are or have really been good friends.

Yesterday, I talked to my amigo, Neil. I asked him if he’s still not in good terms with me, or if he still feels mad at me(I did something he believed I shouldn’t have done). To my surprise, he said “Indi a, waay na to ya”. I may sound like I’m about to over-react, but really, knowing that a friend finally forgave you for a foolish thing you’ve done after a short while is quite damn relieving. Neil and I have been friends for not quite a long time, but hey, in friendship, duration doesn’t really matter. It’s the truthfulness that counts most.

I had been in not-so-good terms with my other amigos as well. But obviously and as should be, everything just keeps on returning to the right track once we talk things over. This is, I believe, a really great sign of a strong bond– one that won’t break even if a myriad of scissors desperately tries hard to cut it.

And as I walk steps away from where I’ve been all this time– as I constantly get to break and make up with those people that really matter to me–I now keep on telling myself that I’ve just made another genuine conclusion:

Sometimes in life, rejection and anger from those people we love and love us may even be harder to accept and deal with than those rejections and anger coming from those we barely know and know us. When you’re not in good terms with a true friend? You’ll simply know it–It will then be hard for you to breathe, though subconsciously, until you actually settle EVERY-thing with him or her. And when you do that, you’ll feel like a bucketful of phlegm has been removed from your system. And if you wonder why…well, because it’s not a fight with a stranger.

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