Cards and Hair Dye

There will always be simple and ordinary things that may mean extraordinarily well to us in life.

My Tune: Remember by Gabriel Mann

I am right now blogging as a 16-year old boy who was just one year younger for about a couple of days ago.

So it was ten o’clock in the morning, 24th day of May 2009. It was my birthday–my 16th birthday. Well I wasn’t supposed to be up that early (yes, early) because waking up before one in the afternoon, for me, is already an abnormal practice. But I did wake up in that ungodly hour anyway. I was undeniably over-excited about the goings-on that’ll take place that day which I have long-thought of way before. One of these goings-on has something to do with my guest list. And you’ve guessed it right, fella. It didn’t turn out quite the way I expected it to. Maybe just a little less that what I had in mind…or more.

Two days before my birthday I decided to make invitations the way I believe invitations should be done. I decided to do the entire invitation process the personal way. So I showed up to my peers one by one with sincerity and desperation in my throat as I shaped in my mouth the words “will you come to my party?”. Well, out of about more than a dozen of people I have invited, less than half of them weren’t really that sure if they could come. I mean of course, they may have their reasons. But what I’m about to tell you is a different story.

First of all, I wasn’t able to invite everyone personally because of three reasons: One, is that Shayne wasn’t around at school that time because she’s not deemed to be so. Another, Jerome, for some reason that I wasn’t able to discover, wasn’t around as well. Finally, Benjie also wasn’t around because people told me he had a rough time dealing with his health lately. So there, a not-so-perfect outcome of the should-be flawless personal invitations. At the end of the day though, I still managed to iron the twists and folds of things.

But there was another problem. An ugly one. And it happened on the very day of my birthday.

Just fresh from hitting the sacks, I descended our staircase to get some ice-cold water. It was my birthday and I thought of having my favorite drink as a good starter of everything that was yet to happen. Out of the bluest blue, I saw John Re from across the hallway. He stood up as soon as he felt my presence. I immediately blurted “Hey John, why are you here so early? The party’s at night”. I was like “Haven’t I told you that? Haven’t I told everyone that?”. He said “Kenn, Happy Birthday. Sorry, can’t make it tonight. I have to be somewhere else. Okay, enjoy! I gotta keep going now”.

Those words were like blade cutting right through my then astonished visage. Astonished…but I was never amazed.

I was in panic. I immediately sent all the people in the Invictus Guild[IG] pieces of SMS which stated and defied my desperation. Minutes later, I received a message from Kim. She told me she couldn’t make it and neither could Shayne. What was next, you may ask. Well, what was next was Herman ringing my phone and I answering it just to hear him say “Sorry, Kenn. I’m grounded. Maybe next time around. Happy birthday, anyways”.

After he hung up, I was in deep and serious agony. No exaggeration. Just a piece of fact. I mean what the hell was that? Was I being PUNK’D? Was that some kind of a practical joke? ‘Cause I was not freaking laughing (pardon some unexpected words here, but sometimes using such words as “freaking” or “damn” is really helpful in expressing deep feelings especially in the blogging and the English-speaking worlds)! What entered my mind next was that if Kim couldn’t come, maybe neither could Rean.

So I then sent him a message and this time, the message already expressed my disappointment with IG. I went “Reance’! Kadto ka gid dapat ya ha? Okay honestly, sunggod ko sa IG ah! Bale mga apat na gali ang indi magkadto ah. Pwede lang na?! Kadto ka ha?! Hay mayo pa sa inyo ang PNP!”. Of course I regret that I said I felt something bad against IG. I never hated them. I could never hate them. But in that particular moment in time, who can blame me? I was just afraid the people I love wouldn’t be with me in my special day, which was by the way I surely knew would even be more special when they’re around.

Rean didn’t reply. I mean don’t you have a load? Or a charger? What’s wrong with you? An hour passed. I was in the verge of giving up. I thought to myself “Oh, Mr. Birthday Boy! I guess this is too much for a perfect celebration…too much for a grand birthday bash…too much for your expectations.

Seven minutes later, I heard a noise. It was a familiar one. A very familiar one. There were voices. I said to myself…I knew this MAY happen. Well, those voices were from Rean, Herman, Kim, Benjie, Dane, Shayne and Keith. They brought with them a very good cake. They may haven’t noticed since I’m most of the time unemotional, but I was more than happy to see them right in front of me with my very eyes after receiving killer messages which were far worse than slowly dying (because reading them were actually very close to dying slowly, I insist). If only there’s a word that’s more meaningful and heart-warming than “happy”. I was speechless. The killer messages I thought would end my life were actually just tools to surprise me. And guys, IG, if your goal was to shock the living hell out of me, then you’ve succeeded. I was happily surprised.

Well, all the fun and happiness followed after that. I couldn’t put everything that actually happened here though, because frankly, no words can ever fit exactly what I felt that day…what happened that day…how my life became even more tastier and meaningful that day. I know this is just me. The kind of person who realizes stuff in life and lives it after deliberately over-analyzing it.

Oh and in case you’re wondering, the title of this entry’s “Cards and Hair Dye” because of one figurative and at the same time literal reason:

I’ve known IG for a long time already. Even if it’s not long enough, still, I feel like I’ve known them for forever. When we’re together, we do really crazy and weird stuff. Stuff that in one way or another, strengthens the ties of our bond, though unconscious we are. In my birthday, after we’ve noticed that it’s getting kind of boring, we thought of two crazy things to do: play poker all afternoon long and dye our hair. Not to mention doing these while doing disco in my room. Majority of the guys played poker. As for me, Rean and Shayne, we turned my room into a dye machine! Well, the actual details? I say NO to posting them here. It is OUR secret. OUR treasure. The point here is, just by having cards and hair dye, I realized that bonds can strengthen; that we don’t really need complex things in life to love people around us; that sometimes, mysteries may come, but there will always be solutions and clues to unlock them; that though how busy we are and how we have become grown-ups, there will always be a time to be a child once more with the people we treasure the most; that the greatest things in life are those which are priceless but not meaningless… cannot be seen but can always be felt.


Guys, IG and PNP, thanks for the presents! I really love the stuff you had for me. Basta thanks gid. I never really expected any presents. I just NEEDED you guys there.

Hanson sisters, hope to see you soon!

Party People, kasaja sang tripping ta sa rooftop!

Benjie kag sa mga nabalda sa ZEBAR(LOL), rock on kamo guys! Thanks by the way Benj, kay ako na ang Bad Omen sang birthday ko! wahaha!

Mom, Dad and my entire family, I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!

( God, I love you as ever. Thank you so much for giving me the kind of family and friends I have. Give me no more complex graces, just don’t take these people away from me. I have so much more to say that I can’t really type here. This is getting lengthy. And long entries may bore my readers. So, forgive me, my dear peers ).

Ybarzabal Council

Sometimes in life there really are bonds formed that can never be
broken. Sometimes you really can find that one person who will stand by
you no matter what. Maybe you’ll find it in a spouse and celebrate it
with your dream wedding, but there’s also the chance that the one person
you can count on for a lifetime, the one person who knows you sometimes
better than you know yourself is the same person who’s been standing
beside you all along.

See you soon guys. I’ll be gone for the next two weeks. Can’t blog in that particular duration of time.

One thought on “Cards and Hair Dye

  1. Thanks to those who read this, especially IG and PNP people.
    You should learn how to comment here, and not on my friendster profile.
    But that’s okay.
    You’ll learn. Hapos lang bala!

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