Wheels on Express Way

My Tune: When It Comes by Tyler Hilton

It’s true, what they say: Once you’ve been from Manila and then you come back home to Bacolod, you’ll just find yourself saying “Finally! No traffic!”.

Over the past seven days I was in Luzon, most of the time in Laguna.

We came there for two very good reasons. One, is that my cousin, Kuya Herbert, is going to get married. And also, I haven’t been there for the last nine years of my life.

I’m actually right now rather feeling excited than tired to blog even though I’m still under the wrath of a jet lag most probably because I wasn’t able to blog for almost two weeks. Not to mention that blogging is more than just an addiction to me. I believe it is also a defiance of my passion. So there and back again, here I am, ready to scribble my thoughts out.

For the most part, my Luzon vacation was filled with traveling, both by land and by air. We didn’t have the luxury of time to stay in just one place in one day. As my relatives there in Laguna would say “Why are you staying here for just one week? That’s really not enough”. And they’re right. One week really isn’t enough for me to stay with my relatives there who I wasn’t able to be with for more than half of the duration of my current existence.

But our flight from here(Bacolod) to Manila was even harder.

Our flight was scheduled for 3:15 in the afternoon. When we came at Bacolod-Silay airport, we were more than ready to go. But just as we were about to say “Manila, here we go”, a very annoying voice saying “Your flight is definitely canceled due to technical problems” was aired. The airline staff said our flight will be moved to 4:10. Now what could get worse? Well what could get worse was that by 4:03 it was aired that our moved flight will once again be procastinated to 6:15 in the evening. Wow. Just a little advice, don’t consider ZestAir if ever you are planning to go on a vacation by air. Take Philippine Airlines instead!

But anyway, I’m not really the kind of person who writes just to rant about disastrous stuff he had experienced. I’m actually more focused on positive-related issues.

So as I was saying, the last time I was with my relatives on my father’s side was already about nine years ago. When we visited in Laguna, I was just feeling this stinging sensation that had lasted for quite a while. Right now I just keep on thinking how I missed out on them; how I missed out on their way of living, their practices and traditions…their undeniable hospitality.I never really thought I’d feel this way about my relatives there. I guess I am right now running out of words to say about them. All I know is that they are really good people. And I wish I had a lot more time to spend with them. In fact, I was at first thinking that staying there would be boring but everything turned the other way around. No matter what happens, my vacation there was one action-packed and bliss-filled adventure- one event that I’ll never forget.

On our way from Laguna to Manila Airport, I was about to puke not only because my position in the car was ungodly, but of course also because the traffic was so below-the-belt. But just as I was telling myself not to puke, I looked back on the road our car’s wheels were on. I thought to myself,  “Oh, ’till our next meeting, fellas!”.

Well, I guess I’m just trying to say here that despite the killer traffic, the non-stop traveling and the unwanted longing to speak in Ilonggo again and to see the people I left here in bacolod for a week, I honestly enjoyed being at Laguna,  where people there seem to know nothing else but to respect, love and care for one another (and to serve really delicious merienda even if you’re not too hungry).

Sigh. Good things do come to an end. But who says you can’t start a new beginning?


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