Close Curtains to a Great Year

My Tune: Walnut Tree by Keane

Remembering an unforgettable year gives me more than just a stinging sensation. It also gives my eyelids some watery “thing” that I’m desperately trying to hold back.

Hours from now, I’m officially going to be a senior student of my alma mater, the University of Negros Occidental-Recoletos. Yes, I am excited about that fact. But I’m also finding myself not ready to bid goodbye to another school year in my life. A year I know I will never ever forget.

My junior year in high school was not just any other year that had passed by me. It wasn’t one of those years in my life that I could just say “Okay, goodbye!” to. It also wasn’t a year of null moments. It was in fact the very year when I can say my life has started.

I can confidently say that I had been one very childish little boy even up to his 14th year of existence. I only stopped obsessing with video games when I was 14. I also was 14 when I began ending playing hide and seek and give me what I want. 14 was also my year when I started thinking of ways to live my life the other way around. So when I reached the age of 15, my age in my junior year, I thought to myself that this is going to be the start of a new beginning. A start of something fresh and foreign to me. A start of something that is more than just playing and fooling around all the time.

Many people say that I’ve changed and grown up very rapidly and very unexpectedly out of the blue. And they’re right. Those people are right. My growing up has been just like obsessing with the color black one day, and then with the color white by the next. So fast-paced it’s so hard to trace. I myself can’t trace back how I’ve changed this way. But one thing’s for sure. The people around me are some of the factors that made me this way. They may be just the ones who made me the person I never was, and also the person who’ll never be the same again since the moment I met them.

I definitely met these people in my very junior year in high school. People that actually, are more like family to me. That year really means so much to me. It was when I discovered a whole new person inside of me. It was when I realized crucial things in my life. It was when I became never the same person I was- the naive little old boy I was. My junior year was one moments-filled event and action-packed year. In that year, I can say that I have gathered life experiences in very large doses– experiences which made me a lot stronger…and better.

Now that I have to bid goodbye to one unforgettable year, I can just hope that the years that are about to come will just be as beautiful as that one…or even better.

I know that things will never be the same.

Maybe just slightly different from last year, but I’m sure things will not be the same this year. Yes, I’ll still have laugh and food trips with my best of friends, but little stuff like we won’t be roaming around the school campus with red ID straps and red uniform patch anymore, or the tiny fact that we won’t be able to be with each other as often as we used to be especially every lunchtime, just makes me want to be 15 all over again. Sigh. But what can I say? Little by little, things will just fall to their respective places in time. Meaning, I guess there will always be a time this year when we can be just like junior buddies again. And disregard the fact that we are already seniors. Because hey, whos says seniors can’t fool around sometimes? Oh, I’ll just do my best to relive those moments when I was a junior in my own little ways.

As for me, nothing else is going to change. If there will be changes, it will always be for the better. I’m still going to be the teenage boy who writes on a one fourth piece of paper as his Math notebook; still going to be the one who eats his lunch on a ledge aside the football field of his school and has lemonade as his usual drink; still going to be the person who laughs with no reason at all. Sigh.

I have no idea with regards to my family-friends(hehe). But all I know is that in whatever way they change, I will still love them the way I always have.

Nothing beats high school life, they say. And I couldn’t agree any more. It is in my junior year when I realized what high school really is about, and what really matters in life.

With that being stated, I now officially bid goodbye to my junior year, and say hello to another year that is yet to mark another beginning in my life.


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