Even October

My Tune: Best I Ever Had by Vertical Horizon

I’ve been thinking and writing about goodbyes lately. I have no idea why that is. All I know is that today’s Friday. And this Monday will already be the official mark of the end of my summer- my best summer…so far.

To put it simply, I did not spend my summer the way I had spent all the other previous summers in my life. This one is by far the best summer I’ve ever had.

Before summer 2009 even started, I told myself that this time, I will not waste any time boring myself at home. I told myself that I will do only the things which I can’t really do within  the boundaries of any school year. And I just did what I once told myself to do this summer.

To give you an inch of how I spent my summer this year, and how this summer differs from all my other previous sunny days, here is a little list of the goings-on that had happened the past couple of months. This is going to be more like a before and after social analysis of my summer goings-on. Here it is.

1. Before, I was basically busy trying to make myself busy.

Now? I no longer have to try to make myself busy. I am busy.

2. Before, whenever I was bored, I would do three basic things: lie down, try to sleep(so that I won’t feel any boredom), and then keep on telling myself that I just got out of bed and sleeping isn’t really a good idea.

Now? I still do three basic things when I’m bored:

One, meet with my amigos who are just meters away here from my house and bond the day away.

Two, call a party and dance my night out with my best of buddies.

And finally, realizing how I’ve effectively spent my summer this year, and how I was a lazy-head the previous summers of my life-lazy enough to not be able to come to think that summer comes to a student’s life like just once in a milestone.

3. Before, I slept at seven in the morning just watching movies, listening to music by myself and surfing the WWW until the dark faded away.

Now? I’m often dying to sleep as early as twelve midnight because I’m always happily exhausted from outings, beach parties, pool parties, night-outs, disco, family nights, out-of-the-province vacations, or even just from one sensible conversation with my friends(trust me, when we talk, it takes hours…long hours). That being said, I now don’t usually spend time doing just something self-focused, like watching television by myself, reading books by myself and listening to music all by myself. I just realized I don’t have to do these stuff without anyone right beside me. True, these activities, such as listening to music and reading, are most often at all costs done just by one person, but I came to think that doing these with other people is more fun. In fact, I’ve been telling my buddies, most often Benjie, Keith and Neil, stories about everything that crossed my mind. Just three weeks ago, I told them the story We Filipinos are Mild Drinkers and I did it in a very classic way. I did it like as if I was telling a fairytale. And it was fun. Weird, but fun. You know, sometimes we need to be weird every once in a while to discover the child in us. Everyone has a child in him. Even a seventy year-old has one.

4. Before, I constantly missed my friends every summer.

Now? I don’t even feel like I’ve parted from any one of them for that long. We’ve always been together in any circumstance. There hasn’t been a week that I didn’t see even just one of them. And it feels good. It feels good that I can only miss them for hours, but not days. We’ve been bonding in all sorts and kinds.

Geez. I’ve done so much this summer. I’ve done so much with the people I love that I right now find it really hard to let this summer just come to an end. Just as hard as letting my junior year in to history.

But as I think and think of random things that I’ve done this sunny season-as I continually reminisce how much I’ve enjoyed and treasured this summer, how I wish this would never end-I just right now say to myself, that if I don’t want to ever let go of this summer, then why should I?

I believe I now have my 5th differentiation:

5. Before(43 minutes ago, just as I was writing this post), I was thinking of how I can let go of this summer and watch it as it comes to a dead-end.

Now? I say since I don’t want to let this summer fade away just like that, then why should I? I won’t. It’s final. I will make this school year just as hot as my summer 2009. Even hotter, even if it’ll rain like there’s no tomorrow. I’m sure my family-friends know what I’m talking about.

Yes, I’ll be going to school, of course. But I believe it’s still possible to make myself feel the summer breeze even if it’s October.

And yes, eating some icy-cold fresh creme brulee’ flavored ice cream every after classes includes that.

To put it simply, this school year, I’ll be a schoolboy with a schoolboy’s outfit, but with a heart that stays with the best summer he’s ever had.

Invictus Guild, Parokya ni Pango

(YC, PINIPIG, Parts Society)

Oh, even October will be one hell of a summer…as for me.


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