Chasing the Sunset

My Tune: More Than a Picture by Jonathan Clay

If you’re asking what’s up with me lately, I’d have to say I’ve been excessively thinking things over randomly.

When I wrote “Close Curtains to a Great Year”, I was surely right when I said that things will never be the same. I hereby confirm that things are slightly different now, but still, even a slight difference may mean a lot.

I always find myself in a nostalgia everytime I remember my summer 2009 and my junior year in high school. I always tell my friends how I miss waking up by one in the afternoon, or the simple things like not having to be in an uncool school uniform or just simply being in a steadfast moment of a fancy noonday dream. I can only do and experience these things repeatedly when school is out. But I’m not ranting about school anyway. I think school is cool. And I think it is because in school, I get to feel the sensation of being a kid, especially in high school. And there’s nothing I can do to ever stop this summer dead-end. All I can do right now is to wonder why certain things are happening lately– things like I helping in desinging our classroom for the very first time in my life, or I always wanting to get lost during class hours and let my mind travel way beyond my imagination. I’m telling you, I’m good at this. I’m lately physically peresent but mentally and emotionally absent in class. And I think it’s damn cool. It means I can see more than what my eyes meet.

But all I want to say here right now is that I’m strangely longing to see the sunset. Literally.

This may sound shallow, but after a week of having to wake up by six in the morning makes me want to embrace the reddish glow only sunsets can offer.

Oh well, whatever this year has in store for me, fate must bring it on.

Because anyway, I am the master of my fate, I am the captain of my soul. So now the chase is on… The chase for my blood-red sunset.

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