Five Days Long

My Tune: One Hundred Years by Five For Fighting

Yes! You’ve read the title right. It’s been five days since I last updated my dearest blog. And right now, I’m here once again for several reasons.

First, in my case, being away from my online journal for more than 48 hours is a big deal. It’s like an unnoticed murder waiting to be investigated. You see, I have this tendency of temporarily losing my wit in something that I haven’t done for quite a while. But even if tomorrow will be the end of the world, I still won’t give up writing that easily. In fact, I won’t even think of thinking of giving writing up in any way. Not just because it’s therapeutic and fun to do, I also find it very perfectly beautiful. So there. If ever I won’t be able to update my blog that constantly in the near future, I’m apologizing in advance. There’s just so much going on that it makes me want to spare a week away from my blog and just instill in my minds the happenings, and then put them here. This leads to my second purpose for being here, in front of the computer monitor, tonight.

Many things have been taking place lately. Deep and shallow things. There’s this always a groomsman never a groom issue that has been preoccupying my mind. But this is a different story. I’ll be talking about this in my next blog post.

Also, I just think that for the past five days, though there were goings-on that are let’s say, extreme, I remained neutral. I’ve been observing things and people in a strange way. Much has been done, much has been said. But don’t worry, dear readers. I’ll tell you stories that’ll keep you hanging soon. As of now, I would just like to tell you this very cute “epic”:

The Bee and the Knight

By: Kenn Edward Tenorio

…So Travis joined an active religious club, the Knights of The Altar.

And there’s Miguel, the “singing bee”, who observes, scrutinizes… and comments.

They both are friends.

But there had been a little problem. Miguel, like almost all his other friends, thinks that Travis’ joining the Knights of The Altar is a complete fraud and just one of his practical jokes. And yes, he didn’t think these jokes are even close to being funny. Because for the longest time, Miguel was irritated.

You see, Travis isn’t really the type that you would normally see being in the altar during masses, or even just the one who attends oratorical services that often. For the general crowd, he is “The ‘Bold’ One”… “The Sexually Wild One”.

So Miguel, as a friend who knows Travis and his ways for a long time, was dumbfounded. And nope! Not in a positive way. People actually think Travis is bluffing. And worse, blaspheming. But the generic approach towards Travis regarding his religious “ambitions” was an i-am-just-kidding one. But he took it the wrong way.

Travis was apparently fed up with mocks and insults.

When push came to shove, He and Miguel got into a not-so-shallow mind clash. They were indeed in a 19-hour “brother fight” [I prefer to call their fight a “brother fight” since I know how theirs was a very good example of which].

When the next day came, Travis approached Miguel and told him that if it’s a fight he wants, it is a fight he shall get. With tightened fists, Travis turned to Miguel.

“Hey, Miguel. I want to challenge you in a brawl fight!”, Travis blurted.

“Brawl fight your face, dude!”, Miguel murmured with his then vicious eyes.

Just as Miguel was about to tighten his own fists the way Travis did, Travis loosened his arms up and brotherly gave Miguel a hug.

The hug and the unsaid apology was a product of both softened pride and anger.

So there. Miguel and Travis lived happily ever after.

end of epic

Before anything else, the above story is actually based on a true-to-life experience of two good friends. This teaches us a very good lesson.

If a friendship is built on genuine camaraderie strengthened with bond ties and memories, any kind of pride, even the highest pride in humanity, will simply deteriorate and find its way down to where it should be.

It’s crazy that you call someone a “friend” if you’re not even sure he is even close to being one.

As they say, life isn’t about waiting for the storm and thunder to come. It’s about learning how to dance in the rain.

It’s like you really long for a hurricane to come so that classes will be suspended, but even just a storm is in a state of an impossibility. What you should do is to look outside your window, and listen to the gentle rain. Yes, evening showers will never spare anyone from classes and all, but it will spare everyone from stress.

Never let small problems turn into big ones.

As with Miguel and Travis, that sure is a prophecy.


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