My Tune: I Lie Awake by Quietdrive

Things have been going on so rapidly. Everything has been a non-stop twist and turns of events and all we can do is to keep holding on.

…If only I could capture my every move and the world’s every move like the paparazzi in Hollywood. I’d really be glad if that was possible. Because right now, all I need is a little bit of slow motion.

Pretending I was Zeus, I would really slow things down even just a bit. Really.

But I was not and I will never be. So now, I can just say that I have no other option but to take on this fast-moving life in a fast-moving world.

Hours ago, it was announced that classes will be suspended for the whole week next week due to massive severe cases of feverish flu and signs and symptoms of health complications. We shouted for joy, as expected, because there will be no classes which means no Math IV, no Science IV and definitely no waking up in an ungodly hour. But to some, this week will not be all-fun-and-games. To some, it may be one week of total sickness.

I was jumping with joy. Others, the majority of the student body, were also celebrating. But seeing other people suffer from health challenges made me have a second thought on celebrating. Oh, I wish all will be fine.

So there. There’s the “swine flu” issue. There’s the whole new turn of events in my life. There’s I being the sweeper of the day. There’s this and there’s that. Many things happen.

Not that I want my high school life to already end, but what I wrote in our class journal [ Class journal of IV-St.Rita of Cascia ] was all about saying goodbye. To think that I entitled it “Opening Curtain Speech”, I believe that the ironic side of me is once again hitting the limelight. But hell no! I don’t want my high school life to end. I mean, I even wrote an entry where I stated and emphasized that nothing beats being in high school. Actually, I wrote about goodbyes in our class journal because I don’t want to say goodbye, to start with. I know it’s kind of complicated to understand, but you get my point, right? I know you do. It’s perhaps like wanting to just live one sad moment in your life in advance because you know it’s going to come your way anyway… so why prolong the agony?

Right now, I’m just insane. I’m happy that there will be no classes for one week; sad, for my friends who are sick. I’m happy that I’m finally growing old, but sad that I would have to leave precious pieces of “stones” behind me sooner or later. I’m  happy that I’m still breathing but I’m quite sad that I still haven’t done any crucial sacrifices for someone other than myself [ But I will, I know I will. Later. ].

I really think that the events in our lives will turn and pass by us faster.

And unfortunately, there will be no cameras and video cameras for us to capture every single detail of the goings-on.

What we have is our hearts that will either stay with the moments we had previously, or fly away and move on…for good.

In my case, I will always choose the first option.

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