17 Reasons to be Happy

My Tune: Gravity by John Mayer

I am just happy right now. I don’t know, but for some reason, I am.

I’m feeling like I just want to smile and laugh all the time at the moment, without even giving myself any reasons to.

Below, is a published work of mine which I want to share with you. It’s worth reading, really. And I decided to post it here because I assume not everyone have read it on my school’s publication. So here it is. Smile as you read along.

17 Reasons to be Happy

“There are many reasons for you to be happy today, son!” I’ve been hearing this from my mother everytime I complain about life and its awfulness or unfairness. She never enumerated these reasons, though. Before, as a child when I was just six or so, I would complainingly ask, “Mom, why do my classmates own cellphones and I don’t?” or “Dad, how come our neighbor has four cars and we only have one?” Such statements came out of my mouth with a cold discontentment, I still remember. I was actually not the type of person who easily gets contented with small things, or the one who simply hides his tears when he has problems. Before now, I was the type who complains and actually continuously weeps, and yes, even at the smallest things you can ever imagine.

You may see me as a problemless typical teenager who walks the corridors of his Alma Mater without any echoes but the truth is, I’m totally not. In fact, here are some of my childhood dilemmas. I was just seven when my mother left for a work abroad. This fact may not sound that devastating, and I may sound like I’m about to over-react, but having to grow up without the guidance and presence of a loving mother isn’t that easy. She wasn’t even able to watch me as I grew up as a teenager, nor witness as my voice got deeper, nor was she present as I had my very first zit. I’m telling you, I had to unwillingly bear with the fact that I can only be with her for less than a month, and then after that I would have to wait until the next year for her to come. Another was when I repeatedly failed my Math exams when I was in grade school. I really felt like I was that bad with numbers. And you got it right…I WAS NOT HAPPY.

Having to live with depression and discontentment is never easy. But I realized, if we do this, we will be the only ones who will complicate and mess up our respective lives—our lives which are meant to be lived effectively and properly.

“Life itself is a problem which defies a solution”. This is extremely true. We, as humans, get depressed and discontented at times, but little do we know that problem is what makes life even more colorful. Problems are part of life and we can never deny this fact. Despite the fact that life may get harder sometimes, there will always be a point in our lives when we realize that life is so amazing. We get tremendously busy weeping and complaining about problems and other lacking stuffs in our lives that we forget to appreciate the small things in our lives that can make us happy, only if we give these things a way to our hearts. We have countless things to be thankful for in this world and a myriad of reasons to be happy.

If you feel like you’re the most depressed person in humanity right now that you feel like quitting life, think of these little things or scenarios in your life that are desperately waiting to be appreciated, and can actually make you happy because anyway, as they say, big things come from small packages…

Waking up in a rainy morning, having the feeling of pulling your blanket back and getting some more sleep.

Taking a bath with extremely cold water, and after that, finding your towel warm.

Finally getting the present you’ve been asking from your parents since you were just four.

Receiving a “Hi!” from the person you’ve been desperately crushing on.

Having a night-out with your best and closest friends.

Laughing at the littlest things with someone you’re close with or even laughing with no reason at all!

Feeling down and blue, only for you to find out that there’s someone right beside you, willing to listen.

The clouds, the stars, the moon, the rainbow… every heavenly body!

Flying a kite.

Doing child plays when you’re fully aware you’re already 25, just so you’ll feel what it’s like to be a kid once again.

Feeling the indescribable craziness of being in love.

Movie marathons, food trips, parties, hang-outs and everything that doesn’t require sweating!

Being able to quench your thirst after a strenuous activity with a glass of an icy cold water!

Chilling times: at the pool, on a beach, in a mall… name it.

Feeling lucky or inspired.

Being able to finally discover your inner talents and be able to showcase them.

Finally figuring out ways to become a better person… now, tomorrow and FOREVER.

These are just some of the countless reasons to be happy. You’ll realize the remaining reasons as you go on with your life. We are but mere visitors in this place humans call “Earth”. Let us enjoy our stay here by appreciating things that are already present in our lives and by loving and accepting the people around us. Let us quit wasting our time complaining about stuffs and everything that actually doesn’t make any sense. Instead, let us try to value the things that are present in our lives and let us not forget to smile.

If you’re still worrying about the problems that may come your way, just put these words in your mind: YOU CAN DO IT! Problems are divinely designed to strengthen and build up, not to destroy nor to diminish.

And whatever happens, that’s life! THIS is how it works. The only general trick we can do to deal with life is to surf its tides.

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