Abstract Speaking

My Tune: Strange and Beautiful by Aqualung

“Emotionally speaking, you could feel blurry. Like you don’t quite get your feelings.”


The above statement is ( no, you’ve guessed it wrong) my horoscope here in friendster as of the 10th of July.

I am just wondering why I posted that here when I myself am not a believer of superstitions. But thinking over, I suddenly came to think what the bottom line of this daily horoscope of mine means. And I have to say I actually agree with the statement.

You see, if there’s one stable and certain word which I could use to definitely describe my world lately, it would be the word “abstract”. Quite ironic, eh? Well it is. The abstractness of my world is not really in a negative sense, though. It’s just that there are things that are happening lately which I never saw coming. And I plainly don’t know how to deal with some of these things the pro way. I mean, life truly is full of choices and there is nothing else left for us to do than to choose wisely. In the contrary, I guess I am not wise enough at the moment to really see what the abstract details around me intend to say or deliver.

Few of the things I’m sure of right now is that today’s the dawn of another wonderful Saturday morning. It’s the weekend once again and I am confident that I’ll be doing the things I WANT to do without any momentum droppers! Another, is that I’m completely obsessing with frozen coffee. And even though Dane and Jerome always annoyingly warn me not to drink coffee that often, I still will definitely, totally and excessively let every frozen coffee’s drop’s molecules and microscopic particles penetrate in my addicted tongue. I don’t know, but they say drinking coffee’s going to make me run into the nearest bathroom in no time. But hell! Who cares? [ Haha]

Oh well, oh well. I’ll just wait for the time when I’m going to be finally certain of stuff and stuff and… other stuff.

So as of now, I rest my case.


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