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To give you a time check, it’s 18:17 now and I just got home from this same old same old mall where I watched an unwanted film with a couple of personal acquaintances. The film’s actually not on my list of movie fancies. It’s the kind that only people who are not in my line of breed would watch. But I’m not saying it’s really that stinking but you know, personally, it’s not my type. Or shall I say, not my type anymore? Okay, whatever. I’m not here to talk about that anyway. I’m here to talk about something I never thought I would be talking about.

As I was sharing, I just got home from one of my inevitable weekend getaways. Normally, the next thing I should have done right after changing is to scan my notes for this week’s exams. But I didn’t do what anyone would have done in this kind of scenario. Obviously, what I did was I turned on my overworked computer and (yes, definitely) decided to share to you something I’ve never shared before.

Approximately three days ago, I randomly opened this blog at the ever-famous Blogger. Everything in the discovering process was unintentional. I don’t really know the owner of the online journal personally, or even just the friend of the friend of that blog’s owner fully. But while I was reading his blog I knew one thing, though. I knew that I was stuck in amazement and in a total shock.

To make things clearer to you, I have to say I just found another blog that I can check on regularly because of its uniqueness. It is one of the few other blogs that I actually admire without any envy ( Haha. Yeah, “envy”.). After I read a few of the author’s entries, I found myself applauding, really… and literally. I believe I can use the words “sexy” and “cynical” to describe this genius’ page. It’s really mysterious, but not in an annoying way. I can say that it’s spicy enough to make you read on but not too flavorful of flowery words that it can make you sigh with an itch on your head. So I guess I can label it as The Sexily Cynical Online Journal.

I especially adore his way of writing. It’s too different from my own, but I’m taking this fact as a teaser. It only means that I am carefreely embracing foreign styles and ways of doing things.

So to pay tribute to this blogger whose works I truly adore, I’m letting you read one of his entries that made me (and Pango. Haha. I let her read the blog a couple of days ago) desperately gasp for fresh air as I impatiently scrolled down the page.

If ever MISTER TSINOY, the author I’m talking about, finds out that I’m talking about his works here in my space, I’m telling everyone in advance that I am not plagiarism-ing (*smiles). As a matter of fact, I’ll provide herein a bibliography as credit and acknowledgement for Mister Tsinoy’s masterpiece.

Mister Tsinoy.  "We Kissed Again." Scuttlebutts         14 May 2009: -.
(an online blog entry. url: http://akoaytsinoy.blogspot.com/)

So there, I gave the bibliography in advance to avoid receiving violent reactions and arched brows from my readers. Okay, enough of the procrastination. Without further ado, here is We Kissed Again:

We Kissed Again
by: Mister Tsinoy

When was the light time you kissed someone?

Well, if you are going to ask me the same question, my answer would be a while ago. Ooppss. That is so much to prove that I am a kiss and tell kind of guy. I just do this, I mean, betraying confidence by unveiling very top secret information like kissing when I do it with this very famous star.

She was the first star that I saw for this day. The next was my superstar mother. LOL. I was lying on my bed when suddenly I felt her presence and my cheeks started to turn rosy. Maybe it was because of embarrassment and shame. I suddenly put my shirt on because I only wore boxers that time. Oh boy. But I know I should be proud. She has seen one thing that measures my self-worth. Laugh. What happened next? Let it be a mystery and baffle your understanding.

What are the good things about her kiss? It gives my skin a healthy glow and helps make it smooth and pliable. It elevates my mood and gives a good sense of high spirits. It is like I have reached the level of nirvana. Good Heavens. It treats my acute and chronic depressions. Dude, I know you do this too. You try to catch any possible source of warmth during cold and depressingly dark months. Do not deny it. You don’t want to be sexually unresponsive, do you? Aside from those things, it enhances my immune system, alleviates pain from swollen arthritic joints and lowers my blood cholesterol level.

I would also share the rules of thumb that I follow for healthy kiss with this star. I put sunglasses when she kisses me. I understand my tolerance to her beauty. Hee-haw. I also wear protective clothing for safety. You know what I mean. Then, I also condition myself if we will have an outdoor trip. I prepare myself by giving it progressive exposure in the days beforehand. And last, I open up our house to her every morning because she perks up my health and boosts my spirits.

So, what now? Let her touch your lips too. Let her press her lips on your body. Let her be the mediator of your life. It can be healing or destructive. It could be the kiss of life or the kiss of death. Be kissed by the star. Be kissed by the sun.

Credits to: Aileen Ludington of Loma Linda University in California

There you have it, guys. Visit the site if ever you are planning to be in an awestruck. Haha.

This is the end for now.

This is also the part where I salute to all the great writers I look up to. You do make this humanity possible. =)

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