Filipino Flair is Worldwide

Published in the Sunday Special Issue of the Philippine Daily Inquirer dated July 19 is an article entitled “Beckham’s kids have Filipino teacher”. I was not in a shock after reading that headline, but what made me wonder was that if this was another story of a pure Filipino reaching top international TV shows that are aired worldwide, then what makes Filipino talent so irresistible? But after reading the said article, I decided to ask myself a different question. There we have our Filipino inspirations reaching halfway across the globe. What makes other Pinoys settle for less when they should be ready for more?

The above mentioned article speaks about a Filipino guitarist who has such unconditional talent in making his students actually learn their instrument by heart. This Filipino have reached as far as Madrid and teaches guitar lessons in the upscale British School of Runnymede to the children of the international football athlete David Beckham and his wife Victoria.

Aside from this talented guitarist of our own, we also have Pussycat Doll’s Nicole Scherzinger, pop artist Billy Crawford, classical singers Lea Salonga and Arnel Pineda, comedian Rob Schneider, Camp Rock star Anna Maria Perez de Tagle and even the Grammy Award winning singer and actress Tia Carrere, who are all of Filipino descent.

This being stated, I believe that each of us is now deemed to be inspired to step up for greater things and opportunities in life. Come on! There’s more to life than just sitting and fooling around all the time. Ours is a kind of race which must be dared to move. So now that we have countless inspirations and shimmering hope for reaching the top, let us all begin making steps as Flipinos as we raise the banner of glory for our native land.

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