Technology Figures

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Ever since year 2000, the time when perhaps the digital lives of people were at their highest peaks, technology has been viewed in a negative perspective because of its bad influences to the society.

No one can ever deny the fact that with today’s high-technology gadgets and materials, humanity took countless steps closer to a world of almost everything wireless and sweat-free. All, from wireless mobile phones even up to wireless computer keyboards and monitors, have surely made this world a better place to live in. But why is it that to some, technology can still never be viewed as something that comes with great help and aid to us earthlings? Why is it that for some, technology remains as the “bad guy” of the story? It’s simple. It’s because some choose to see this equipment as the antagonist.

Technology was actually any individual and nation’s dream not so long ago. Decades before now, everyone had dreamt of this universal aid. Today, this dream is undeniably already happening. But it’s also true that in every story, there will always be a dream-stealer. Unfortunately in our case, this dream-stealer is one among us humans. This dream-stealer is the breed of people who can never seem to see and appreciate the real purpose of humanity’s long-time dream.

What other people keep on telling themselves is that technology comes with bad influence especially to the teenagers. They say that because of high-speed internet which is almost everywhere, teens also have high-speed access to online pornography and addictive online games. They also say that because of high-trend gadgets such as HP IPAQ Pocket PC, iPhone, iPod and everything that comes in-between, the society has become a slave of technology.

The whole point here is that instead of dedicating our time to seeing the “bad sides” of things, we should focus more on the positive offers this gift of human mind puts forward to us. If we take a look at it, technology helps everyone. It does make things a lot easier to do and deal with. Of course, we can never keep these bad sides of technology from occurring and reoccurring. They are unstoppably happening. What’s left for us to do is to let technology serve its purpose. Afterall, we are the only ones who seem to hinder it from doing so.

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