Census Check, Anyone?

So I’ve been thinking if I should put a poll section either in the first issue of Starlight or in the second issue of SNAP!. The topic that I have in mind is this:

“What event in history would you like to alter?”

or this:

“If you were given a universal power for a week, what would you do?”

or even this:

“Let’s say you can fly. Where would you most likely go?”

I know this kind of section is already common. But I don’t care. Press works are designed to be generic and completely understandable by anyone.

I think I should put this thing in Starlight. But if the majority of the editors won’t agree to this, then I’ll let this back down.
That’s it for now. I’m really still searching for ideas that I could put into realities. Okay, I sure am going to have to get used to magazine-type of concepts. They are just sizzling hot! Like holy cow! Haha.

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