Bullets of Bliss I: The Threshold

My Tune: On a High by Duncan Sheik

Hello! Good evening. How do you do? What makes your rising moon so new? I could use a fresh beginning too. All of my regrets are nothing new.

The above “paragraph” is actually the inverse of my favorite song, Learning to Breathe by the very impressive Switchfoot. Inverse, in the sense that I changed some words into their opposite existence like “morning” into “evening” and “sun” into “moon”.

This is mainly because I am right now writing online beneath this starry wonderful night. And one more thing! I have this one-kilometer long list of to-do things.

Oh well. This busy schedule will surely train me especially in dealing with time management which by the way, I really badly need.

This so-called Bullets of Bliss of mine will be of three parts which will be published in random. This “trilogy” by yours truly will entail my true-to-life daring and dangerous deeds which make so much sense that they put me in such a gleeful moment.

As of now, I will once again put my mind into a steadfast mental foreplay.

For now, farewell, fellas. I will be back with flavored stories. Too flavorful, it will surely blow your minds to a place like never before. Okay, I think I should stop with the exaggerations now. Haha.


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