Freaking Control-freak

Hello good evening. How do you do? What makes your rising moon so new? I could use a fresh beginning too. All of my regrets are nothing new.

The above “paragraph” is actually the inverse of my favorite song, Learning to Breathe by the very impressive Switchfoot. Inverse, in the sense that I changed some words into their opposite existence like “morning” into “evening” and “sun” into “moon”.

This is mainly because I am right now writing online beneath this starry wonderful night. And one more thing! I have this one-kilometer long list of to-do things.

Oh well. This busy schedule will surely train me especially in dealing with time management, which by the way, I really badly need.

As of this moment, I will impart with you something that I like to call Bullets of Bliss.

Pre Script: The below article is a partial one. I’ll post herein the complete one when I feel like it (*smiles).

Having had experienced one moment in my life which I believe may lead my whole being into a never-before direction, I can completely say that I actually agree to the simple cliche’ “we can never really be great in everything but we can always be good in simple but fruitful things”.

Raised without any idea about the existence of computer games and how such activities are manipulated, I was of course in a total shock when I was invited to play one of the most foreign games to me, “Counter-strike”. Not that I never play video games, but I honestly didn’t have the chance to learn guns-related ones. The only particular thing that made me have a second thought of accepting the offer was the fact that it came from my best of friends.

One sunny Wednesday afternoon, we were debating on whether or not we will play Counter-strike. I realized that it’s not everyday that we can all get along together and play something that actually is enjoyable so I accepted their offer.

I was such a noob when we played the game but I must say that that action-packed afternoon surely unleashed another different side of me.

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