Bullets of Bliss II: A Pedestrian Performance

My Tune: Lonely Road by Everlast


Who would have ever thought bullets can lead to bliss?

Having had experienced one moment in my life which I believe may lead my whole being into a never-before direction, I can completely say that I actually agree to the simple cliche’ “we can never really be great in everything but we can always be good in simple but fruitful things”.

Raised without any idea about the existence of computer games and how such activities are manipulated, I was of course in a total shock when I was invited to play one of the most foreign games to me, “Counter-strike”. Not that I never play video games, but I honestly didn’t have the chance to learn guns-related ones. The only particular thing that made me have a second thought of accepting the offer was the fact that it came from my best of friends.

One sunny Wednesday afternoon, we were debating on whether or not we will play Counter-strike. We were actually arguing in the middle of the road! On the pedestrian lane, to be exact. We never came to see that fact until the time Jerome blurted “Oh! Ngaa are ta di sa tunga ia haw?!”. It shows that we were really focusing on trying to make a verdict before we get hit by a truck or something. I realized that it’s not everyday that we can all get along together and play something that actually is enjoyable so I accepted their offer.

I was undeniably one hell of a nooblet when I played the game with them. It’s so obvious that I was the only one in the group without much experience in killing people the gamer way. As far as I can recall, the total of my kills in the game that afternoon was four. That’s such a cheap amount of number considering that the game went on for almost two hours and I only killed the terrorists namely Dane, Jerome and Herman four times! Some of those kills were even made possible with the existence of the so-called luck.

The number of my total deaths? 27. I know, I know. You can laugh now.

But do you know what the irony in this story is? It’s the fact that I am finding myself falling in love with the game Counter-strike. I really fancy playing this game especially when I play with the Ybarzabal Council people. I feel like I am being given the chance to prove to my buddies that I will not stay a nooblet in gaming forever. I’m telling you people, I will get better in Counter-strike. I will. I know I will.

It’s just so much fun to shout out loud in a computer shop and never even have to get scolded by anyone because it’s normal in the gaming world, the place where I am recently living in as a complete spectator.

In fact, I even feel like I can’t get through a week without the recreation only Counter-strike can offer. Haha. I think I am the very first noob addict to this game. Well can anyone blame me? I forget about everything else apart from fun and total bonding every time I play that game.

So I guess those bullets were worth the shots.

One thought on “Bullets of Bliss II: A Pedestrian Performance

  1. around of applause! =] nooblet gd yah?
    new word?hehehehe way to go keno!
    bsi one day mas sagad kpa sa pnakasagad mg counter.
    wish u ol the luck…LoLxD
    as if dw talent gd bah.

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