Bullets of Bliss III: Triggered Presumption

My Tune: Cold Hands Warm Heart by Brendan Brenson

Counter-terrorists win. Yeah, right! And so did I!

To get things straight to the point, I’m not here once again to talk about Counterstrike or how I suck at it big time, nor am I here to narrate to you my adventures (and misadventures) with this epic game. Well I am here for one reason: to give you a recap of one thing that had never happened to me before.

So it was recess time last week. To be exact, it was last Thursday morning, if I’m not mistaken. Usually, every morning break, I would just stay inside the classroom and chat with a bunch of other people as they eat their packed snacks and drinks. My other peers namely Dane, Jerome, Herman, John Re and Keith also do the same thing as I do— to stay inside the room every recess time and fool around, laughing like hyenas! But that Thursday morning was different. That Thursday morning, we unexpectedly got what we thought we would never get, did we not do a legendary “performance”.

Allow me to be in a narrating mode, people. I rarely do this. I rarely write like I’m storytelling. So now, just let me actually write like I’m actually storytelling.

A 50 Philippine peso bill is now on the table. What’s next? Who’s next? Where’s next..?

So we were situated in a table positioned in the very middle of our school canteen. I was sitting right there with Dane, Jerome, Herman, John Re and Keith. We were at that moment calling it quits with regards to our “pot money”. At that time, Php70 was already on the table. We had no problem with the budget. The problem was who will volunteer to buy footlong hotdog sandwiches for everyone. Everyone who goes in my school knows how our canteen is such a crowded place especially every recess and lunchtime. This may just be the reason why no one would volunteer to buy those precious footlongs.

Out of the blue ( not just any other blue, but navy blue), John Re blurted “Okay, I’ll do it!”. Then we were like “Oh, come on John! Not you! Not you again!”. Then we started pointing at each other in an attempt to finally come to a verdict of who will be the “volunteer” in that crucial moment. John Re then took the mounted cash in the center of the table saying “I’ll do it”. Oh well. Can we blame someone for having such a warm heart? Of course not.

[X] Footlongs

[  ] Softdrinks

[  ] Economics Class


There goes our checklist. There may be some thing in that checklist that you might find weird. Don’t worry. I’ll explain that later.

So the next thing that we found ourselves arguing about was on who will be the volunteer to buy softdrinks. We didn’t have any much problem about that, though. Dane, being the only one among us who really is addicted to drinking carbonated beverages, took the task and did it “wholeheartedly” (Can I say that? Haha).

[X] Footlongs

[X] Softdrinks

[  ] Economics Class


We were down to two things. Our Economics class is right up next recess time. The bell just rang that time and the footlongs still weren’t ready to be served. Miss Aligonsa, our Economics professor who was at that time in the canteen as well, gestured that we must come inside the classroom before she does or we’re going to be marked absent in her class.

Abnormally, we felt no rush even upon seeing that gesture. We were like “That’s miss Aligonsa. Pfft. She can’t be mad and she won’t be!”. Technically, we were already seven minutes late when the footlongs we ordered were ready. Now, it’s time to dash our way up to class. The problem was, I found out that my footlong has mayonnaise in it (and Ketchup!)!

“What the F?! Didn’t I tell everyone that I freaking hate mayonnaise?!”. Yeah. To those of you who still don’t know my nature, well I have mayonnaise and ketchup on my hate list. I don’t know why, but everytime I taste mayonnaise or ketchup, it’s like doomsday is happening in my mouth. Yuck! I mean seriously, yuck!

Delayed by my desperate hoping for the mayonnaise in my footlong to miraculously disappear, we were by then already seventeen minutes late in class. Just as we opened the door of our classroom, we were told by miss Aligonsa to stay outside because we are LATE! Wow. It was that sudden. I didn’t see that coming either.


[X] Footlongs

[X] Softdrinks

[X] Economics Class


I was still holding my footlong smothered with mayonnaise that time. Everyone else had just finished his own footlong. I am really wondering until now how they managed to put all those white slimy stuff in their mouth and actually eat them… digest them…let them penetrate in their systems!

Everyone was already telling me to just swallow the thing so that we could do something else without me having to hold the footlong in my hand without even trying to smell or look at it.

That time, I braved myself and braced it with all courage. Haha. Over-acting? I don’t think so. Trust me, it took all the courage in the world for me to even think of eating something which has mayonnaise in it! Whew! So, I did eat the “thing”. Surprisingly, it wasn’t really that bad. I’m not saying it’s great, but it wasn’t that bad. It tasted like a tasteless sauce. Whatever. Still, that event made me catch my breath for a couple of minutes. They were actually looking at me, laughing maybe at the image of me being so scared of eating mayonnaise (laughs).

[X] Footlongs

[X] Softdrinks

[X] Economics Class



We did really crazy things that morning. We were given one hour to fool around and we wasted no time! We indeed fooled around.

There was the Chicky Chicky thing that had lasted in our minds for 24 hours! Everything that had happened that morning was never-before. Never-before, we had gotten ourselves kicked out of class just for being late for seventeen minutes. Never-before, we played Chicky Chicky. Never-before, we planned on taking our Counterstrike experience to the next level.

We planned on buying toy guns and doing Counterstrike in a live action-packed performance! We also planned on playing classic Pinoy games like Tumba Patis and Sipa-Takraw.

Oh well. Those were the moments.


2 thoughts on “Bullets of Bliss III: Triggered Presumption

  1. Wui…grabe imu courage bah!
    atleast you overcome that fear!
    unlike skun sa banana-fear…LoL
    Ka adventurous gd yah cnyu!hahahaha
    tanan na lng…=]
    epic gd ni yah ang gna panghimo muh…

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