The Cherries Within Us

My Tune: Not For All The Love in The World by The Thrills

It’s just so funny that everytime I search about cherries, the images that appear are that of cherries which come in pairs.

There’s something strange and beautiful about the way they come in pairs, though. I mean, there’s really something about the physical appearance of cherries and the way they taste just as sweet as anything which I can’t actually describe that sends me a little message. I don’t know why this is, but everytime I search for photographs of apples, bananas, oranges, lemons or even grapes, the images that appear are simply flat, and by “flat” I mean they don’t seem to make me feel like the way I do everytime I see pictures of pairs of cherries.

What’s interesting is that I believe I have finally discovered what’s behind this yet another scrutiny of mine.

People, especially those who take really generous grips on their pride, always tend to say that they don’t need other people to make them happy. These stereotypical beings wear fake smiles as they tell others how they “don’t need a man to make it happen”, or how they “don’t need girls to be happy”. They say that they can never trust anyone in this modern-day world; that they can’t and won’t trust anyone apart from themselves and themselves alone. In fact, majority of the less-experienced teenagers who have undergone ugly relationships with a friend, a partner or a foe always desperately tries to cope up by saying silly and unbelievable things like “From now on, I’m going to be happy just by myself”, or “I will be a nun!”, or even “Pfft. I don’t need guys! I’ll go shop tomorrow”. See? Just take a glimpse at how typical teenagers are becoming lately.

According to an article about teenage life and crises which I have recently read here in the net, saying the above statements or even just blurting them usually takes place as a coping mechanism which is essential as defense acts of humans. Thus, practicing such activity is basically normal. Yes, it is normal. But who says it can go on forever? No, it can’t and it shouldn’t. This is simply because I now know how it feels when you’re not trusting somebody…

For the most part of my ongoing life, I grew up finding it hard to trust other people around me. This is mainly because those whom I trusted so well in the previous chapter of my life broke the one thing which I really rarely give— trust.

I had friends who scattered scuttlebutts around the hallways of my alma mater like they were just distributing some fancy greeting cards and sticky pads. Well, I am sure those were greeting cards of pure rumors and sticky stupidities that lame people partake (don’t worry, poeple. I’ll be talking more about my “media life” next time, ’cause that’s another long story to tell). The truth of the matter is that it was even rumored that I take drugs… that I am an obsessed drug addict. Wow. Well, the good news is, I have grown up outgrowing gruesome gossips and blue baloneys along my way.

My point here is, trust is something which is even more sacred than love itself. When we trust, everything else just follows.

What’s ironic is that there are just other indifferent people who actually say that they can live without trusting someone or being with someone.

We are but pieces of cherries, my dear peers. Pieces of cherries which are subconsciously looking for their other pairs. Alone, it is plainly boring and flat… monotonous. But by the time we finally found the one person we can trust ultimately, and when we are actually standing right next to our respective pairs, we’ll just realize how great it is to have someone whom you can trust, love… be with.

Indeed, we are but pieces of lonely, but sweet, cherries… always subconsciously looking for their pairs.

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