Ebony Black is Back

My Tune: Kiss Yourself Goodbye by All American Rejects

You’ve read the title and it speaks completely for what I am about to spill herein. Yes, people. It’s black once again. I officially dyed my hair black again. Haha. I don’t really know why I am sharing this with you tonight. It’s just that, I am currently in the mood for imparting rather “shallow” deals than the deeper ones. I mean, after almost a week of looking into life’s most serious deeds and heights, I believe it is rightful for me to take a break from thinking way beyond my age and of course, way beyond what my capacities can actually withstand.

As I was saying, I dyed my hair black as in ebony black just about 72 hours ago. I just emphasized “ebony black” simply because naturally, the strands just right on top of my skull are of let’s say, not “ebony black” as in ebony black color. Right now, I think my hair looks like the hair of the lead character in 10, 000 BC! It’s not that bad but I think it’s so uncool. Oh well. I am just blurting all of these out right now just for the sake of submitting to what my ego tells me to do lately— to forget about deep and agonizing cases which life itself constantly offers and just take a peak at the little things that’ll allow me to experience a break from this week’s saddest and most unpredicted happenings.

I don’t know about you but clearly, I am an “assuming” individual (of course, in a reasonable and acceptable way). When I’m so so happy, I assume that I’m sad. When I’m grieving, I assume that I’m filled with joy. When life gives me countless workloads, I assume that I am the most UN-busy being in the universe. Sigh. This is just to cut the pressure. I believe it’s one of my hideous talents.

You see? I am right now talking about random things. Is this the aftermath of having had seen a close friend fly all the way across the globe, and having had come to see that things and people around you are unstoppably changing and gradually disappearing, one by one? Wow. I have to say I am convinced that I am already experiencing the starting point of taking some steps higher up on the ladder to being in the much anticipated legal age, 18. Well ironically, I don’t want to be eighteen at the moment. Being any more older is the last thing I need right now. What I want and what I need is to play just one round of Tumba Baka or Tumba Patis with some of my irrationally rational friends. Haha.

Oh my! I am starting to sense that scribbling any more longer and wilder here will cynically deteriorate this place’s stored harmony and melancholy.

Yes, I am yet and still basically under some vague gloomy disposition.

Again, I am just taking a little chilling time away from this recent mysterious abyss of something which I would love to call an emotional poison ivy.

Sigh. Black indeed is back.

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