The Dysphoria That Was Ketsana

My Tune: Eve, the Apple of My Eye By Bell X1

I’m in a state of a fatal dizziness right now. I have no choice but to merely share with you something I wrote in a journalism workshop.

I just hate to admit it, but this is, by far, the most boring blog entry ever. Bear with it.

It was seven in the morning and the heavenly sky rapidly turned from blue to gray. The people’s hopeless cries and anguish were clearly audible as the heavy clouds and drizzling winds produced a cynical atmosphere which signaled a total catastrophe. One by one, houses had been ripped up into ornamental pieces and there was nothing left for everyone to do but to seek for higher grounds in a span of seconds. Innocent lives had been taken, countless homes fell down, the entire community suffered a lethal natural fiasco. It was apparent— another ruthless typhoon had been domineering the nation in the name of Ketsana.

So it was seven in the morning. For some people, it was just like any other days when they can merely go to the beach, put on their fancy sunglasses and indifferently spend the whole day having fun under the radiant sun. But for some people, it was the very day when they can perhaps tell themselves how their lives have gradually turned into a wasteland. For some people, it was the very day when  their eyes were filled of tears as they watched their very own loved ones disappear under the depth of the ruthless flood. For some people, life has become yet another story of misery, hopelessness and a never-ending state of displacement.

Now, what’s left for those who are seriously affected is a vast pool of brown water where the blood and tears of numerous families have coagulated.

Now, all these people can seem to do is to faithfully hope and pray that they may have the capacity to pick up where they left off. But life is never this easy. They would have to have sleepless nights, eyes drained out of tears and homes which could be technically addressed as “evacuation centers”.

An absolute resiliency is what what everyone hopes for after the watery tragedy.

With crossed fingers, lifted heads and hearts full of conspiracy of both grief and bliss, the people are looking forward to waking up in a sunny morning by the next day. By the next day, the illuminating sun will once again kiss their cheeks with its abundant glory and sage power of enlightenment— or so they wish.

To those who are badly affected, just remember that He will never let anyone of us sink to a purposeless uncertainty. Let us remember that everything sure does happen for a reason, a cause, a greater height of glee.

I would like to extend my sincere regards and empathy…

To Herman’s mom who is currently admitted to a hospital. I hope she and her family will take this misfortune as something which is not destructive, but something which is constructive. The sick is never left behind by those who love him.

To Kristine’s grandmother whom I believe has finally been in salvation with Him.

To my aunt, who is apparently rising from her fall. I knew all along that she will surely survive.

To my mom, whom I miss so well. Mom, I am not failing Math. Math is failing me. But this doesn’t mean I do not value education. I just do not value variables and radicals. And mom, I love you.

To our pet dog, Q, who just died two weeks ago. Sigh. We will miss you.

To everyone I have hurt subconsciously… I never really meant hurting you people. I just tend to be devilish sometimes. But whatever! I still believe that we indeed are brothers, all of us. We just don’t want to admit it, but this is the truth— we are interconnected. We are all deemed to tangle in the same web, the same world, the same life… and all we have to do is love.

To myself, who has been constantly taking life experiences in very very large doses (again).

And by the way, yes. I am officially seeing life’s greater heights.

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