Confessions of a Metamorphosing Earthling

My Tune: Lost in Space by Lighthouse Family

I always thought it’s never healthy to just stay in a little delicate bubble of a certain distinction all the time. I came to realize that sometimes, failing to discover the “out there” may leave a man fast becoming a dying species.

For the past week, I gave myself enough time to further analyze the goings-on in my life as a mere 16 year-old boy. As I was critically observing things and people, it suddenly sank in to me that looking back, I was deliberately living in an abstract quarantine or some sort of an isolation zone. I’m pretty sure you find this fact weird or even something which is badly unbelievable because foremost, everyone knows how I am such a social being. I mean, I am in fact a monophobic person— the one who fears being alone or being lonely. So how, then, can an ultimately socialite earthling like myself ever say that he lives in an “isolation zone”? I’ll tell you…

Honestly, I am not really the type who is generally flexible. I admit I don’t know how to do some things which other people expect any other people to know. Vague, ei? I say, I don’t know how to fry a fish, to handle extreme construction or destruction tools such as a saw, T-square, axe, welders, rivet guns, jigs or trowels, to sew, wash and iron my clothes, and to fix broken material things such as a cracked wooden table or a withering arm chair. These are the things or the activities in which my skills don’t really work that well. Furthermore, there are also a lot of things which I don’t really indulge myself into. For example, I’m not one of those people who dip their fried chicken in random mixes such as ketchup or tomato sauce, Mang Tomas or Mozzarella cheese. I mean, when it comes to dips, I only fancy the gentle gravy, and nothing else except for those whose names I didn’t quite get. Although I am a “vegetable person”, there are still a few of those green leafy stuff which my tongue had never fallen in love with. Some of these are the bitter amargoso, ampalaya and fried talong (eggplant). I also don’t fancy eating famous Filipino recipes like Inasal na manok, Lechon manok, Pancit canton (especially the instant ones), Bihon, Dinuguan, Valenciana and even the well-advertised Breaded Prok Chop. Even when it comes to clothing, I tend to limit myself deliberately. I noticed that I never wear hats or caps. I also don’t wear baggy shorts and pants unlike the other teenagers. I can see that I am a fan of flashy colors such as silver, gold and metallic primary shades, but a hater of orange, turquoise and most especially, pink. I don’t know, but I really really hate pink. Haha. I hope I didn’t offend anyone.

Digging in deeper, I am not a fan of Chuck Taylor nor am I a fan of Chuck Taylor shoes themselves. Unlike the usual teenage group, I despise Converse shoes especially the high-cut ones. I also hate Havaianas slippers and flip-flops although I own a couple of pairs of ’em. It’s because of the fact that its pricey cost is getting shallow and severely commercialized. I have a long list, but this will be the last one: I do not like wearing t-shirts or jackets which say “Parental Guidance”, “F*ck You”, or some tees splattered with bloody canvas and a vast design that gives the impression of being an emo.

Academically, I hate Math and Science (and there’s no question about that). In school, subjects that require a huge amount of patience such as Drafting and Bookkeeping, don’t really top my Nice List this Christmas, and in all the other holidays to come.

See? I told you I’m cynically limited. Sigh. I’m going to explode herein again. Here I go…

Despite the fact that I’m naturally living in my own little bubble of safety and convenience, I have been gradually adjusting myself to many things lately. I can in fact say that I am now undergoing the first stage of a metamorphosis. I can say that what I really want to do right now is to finally put into practice what I myself have preached for so many years already— that there’s the whole world out there; that there’s no reason for us to stay stuck in the same place, the same ways, for there is more to life than what our eyes usually meet. It is indeed true that life is half spent before you get to know what it really is. The same thing is true with the statement that clearly, life is a long run— a runway with a limelight— where we are deemed to serenade with all our wits and assets. What’s the point of sticking to the status quo? I mean, come on! No one wants to get left behind idolizing Nora Aunor or Vilma Santos forever when in fact, here we have today the glamorous Megan Fox and Anne Hathaway. The point here is, it’s never healthy to embrace the same things over and over and over again. Having had said this, I would also like to stress that letting oneself be hunted by his past is something which may actually murder him and his heart at one.

Have you ever realized how uncool it is to always be in the usual or in the norm?

I vowed to myself that one of these days, I’ll be the versatile one, the flexible one, the universal one. About seven days from now, I can see myself as someone who has gone out of his cocoon after a remarkable metamorphosis. I can see myself as someone who handles hammer and nails, someone who fries fish, eats amargoso and Inasal na Manok without hesitations, learns to wear hats whenever needed and as someone who has finally sought the greater grounds of life by discovering the so-called The Out There.

A new place. A new hope. A new wardrobe. A new love. A new life…

I will become the better version of me.

Post Script…

Embracing new things is like embracing a long-lost friend or loved one. Although you’ve been with this person for a long time previously, it will always become hard to remember how a hug feels like until the time you meet again. Like embracing a long-lost loved one, appreciating new things gives one’s heart a priceless joy and contentment, for in that particular moment that he finds something or someone new, he would naturally feel that this thing or person is the one he has been looking for all along.

… Let us all become agents of transformation. =)

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