My Tune: For the Love of God by Steve Vai

I can’t focus. I can’t focus. I can’t focus.

Introduction: Sometimes, even the most avid bloggers in this side of the world have to take the fact that there are just times when their capacities to even just look at the keyboard of their personal computers are being taken away by several factors.

Body: What factors? Well, there are countless. But in my case, I have to say it is something which I address as a heartache overload.

Conclusion: I want to talk about so many things that had happened for the past week, but unfortunately, I can’t. I just can’t. I’m taking a week-long leave from the blogosphere for the mean time.

Post Script: Don’t worry, people. I’ll be talking to you about the Halloween Party and how I so uniquely spent my All Soul’s Day this year. That’s a promise. But as of now, I am drowning myself with American soap operas, lots of carbohydrates, milk and all the other good stuff which I am so desperately hoping to be able to cure my broken heart.

Self-comment: Yeah, yeah. I know. I just broke a vital rule in blogging— never be too mysterious and abstract. You might scare your readers away.

… But what can I possibly do, right? It’s not like I can tell you everything without cuts and turns. I’ll tell you soon, when I am in a sane state of mind.


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