What Wolves Really Are

My Tune: Pink Panther

This is dedicated to the seniors of batch ’10 of UNO-R HS…

Are you afraid of the big bad wolf? If so, you are not alone. Many people think that wolves are mean, evil creatures. Some people think wolves like to eat humans, just like in the story “Little Red Riding Hood”. In real life, however, wolves are very different from the animals in the stories we’ve heard.

Wolves are not the creatures that are described in fairy tales. They are not mean, bloodthirsty killers and they do not eat people. Instead, wolves are intelligent and gentle animals. They are important and valuable members of the wilderness.

The members of the wolf family are very close friends. They play together and nuzzle each other. The older wolves help raise the young. They act as babysitters, teachers, and playmates.

Therefore, wolves rock.

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