Tranquil Concealer

My Tune: It’s Gonna Make Sense by Michael Learns to Rock


I am convinced that I am not at peace right now. Not that I’m really involved in a particular tangible combat, but, it’s my heart which is not really experiencing any tranquility lately. I can say that as it beats either faster or slower, all the more it loses its way back home. And actually, I’m not even sure if it has ever had a home on the first place. Sigh. So, ironically, I’m sharing with you my speech in the Voice For Peace Zone Level Competition. As far as I can remember, here’s what I said…

Peace—a five-letter word which I believe has made countless of geniuses wonder. It has perhaps been an abstract concept whose whereabouts are being constantly questioned by everyone. So today I’ve strengthened my body and soul to bravely speak of such an abstraction. Ladies and gentlemen, a pleasant afternoon.

How can I be an instrument for peace? And with that question comes another question: where can peace be found?

A man may search far and wide for peace, but he will never be successful lest he realizes that peace starts from one’s heart. (however…)

I will never fail to insist for the basics. As a student of a catholic university, I am convinced that first, it is important to develop one’s relationship with God—that is, to enhance one’s Christian faith and knowledge. Simple acts of attending mass regularly and not forgetting to communicate with our Lord will feed my soul with proper spiritual boost that’ll guide me as I take on life in the context of peace.

Second, I will value my education, for it is through learning that my understanding of moral values and practices will be widened. Valuing education means eliminating ignorance, and eliminating ignorance means working at adequate morals such as peace.

Third on my list is an effective communication. Keeping communication lines open with family and friends lessens the hate wherever the cut is at its deepest. In communicating with people, it is important that I will be humble, yet ready to soar. Thus, I will be harmless, yet fierce in ironing the twists and curls of things.

Since I am now talking about communication, I would also like to stress that a so-called bonding moment with friends and family is the best way to strengthen ties and relationships, so that when the time comes that my faith and loyalty will be put to test, I will simply recall all those

cherished moments I have once shared with all those people I love and naturally get the realization that clashes and quarrels are actually God-given gifts which must be taken constructively and not destructively.

Education, Christian faith, communication and a priceless time with loved ones—all four of these lead me to the bottom line.

Peace, my dear listeners, is like the twin of love. If only humanity had not known violence, oppression, revenge, wrath and hatred, I’m pretty confident there must’ve been no such thing as World War I nor World War II. Our hearts are drastically hardening from pieces of cottons into bars of steel. What’s sad is that the very place where peace is ought to reside is where all our violence and hatred lie. This place my dear listeners, is one’s own heart.

Mankind must evolve for all human conflict a method which rejects revenge, aggression, and retaliation. And the foundation of such a method is love.

Yes, people. Love. It is what humanity once had so much, and it’s also what we lost after a span of generations of rebellion and morality deterioration.

When the power of love overcomes the love of power, world will indeed know peace once and for all.

Once again, a pleasant afternoon and peace be with you…

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