A Dose of Literature

My Tune: Please Don’t Stop the Rain by James Morrison

Lately, I have this strange feeling of wanting to devote my life to literature. But what’s weird is that I know that I don’t really aspire a career involving literature alone. I mean, yes, I love literary pieces and endeavors but I don’t really think devoting my life to such concept is one of my plans in life. But you see, sometimes, people don’t change things. Things change people. And for the five previous days of my life, I have encountered things which made me realize that indeed, fiction is sometimes even more real than reality itself.

So as a literary treat, I would like to share with you the poem I wrote for our English task about a couple of months ago…



Beware, O bark, the waves that wish to tear thee from these shores;

And bravely seek the harbor, for thy sides are reft of oars;

See how thy broken mast and yards are groaning in the gale!

Unsound, alas! Thy ropeless hull! Unsafe thy shredded sail!

Thou hast no gods to call upon when Sable Care is thine;

The sailor trusts no showy sterns, though built of Pontic pine.

O ship that wert my woe, that art my love, avoid the seas

And shun the treacherous waters of the shining Cyclades.



My dearest land, whose grounds have been squashy through the decades,

Hear me now as I give reprimand to thee and to thy nonchalant dwellers.

Look out! Corruption had already made thy walls so weak,

Thy roof so fragile and thy foundations so feeble.

No particular hero is of the capacity to eradicate this inhibiting regression,

Nor is there a miracle that will cure this dreadful degeneration.

For the only hero one can possibly see

Is the one that will make a change for the betterment of thee.

So strengthen thy weakening feet, my land.

Rise from the ashes, erect from thy ruins.

For with thy dwellers’ devotion and aid,

Thy will once again see the light that was then laid.

There goes your dose of literature. Watch out for countless more to be published. But as of now, I still have to make myself another cup of milk tea. *British mode (haha).


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