It’s Been Ages!

My Symphony: Shut Up and Let Me Go by The Ting Tings

You’ve absolutely read the title, dears. I will be back. And when I am, there will be a lot of confessions, spilled sentiments and shocking revelations.

Good heavens! I missed my blog. It’s been ages! I feel like I’ve been hibernating like an Australian octopus. And right now I just feel that there’s no more reason for me to leave my aftertaste hanging. This place has been my solace and bestfriend for the past months, and it will still be for the many years to come.

Gawd! I can’t believe I thought about abandoning this blog and start a new one in yet a new site, but hey! The pioneering one is always the best.

I will just refresh my mind from all the hardcore stress of the holidays. Afterwhich, I’ll get back to what I do best— scrutinizing random things [evil laugh].

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