Romantic Serendipity

My Symphony:  When the Time is Right by Griffin House

Over the course of the average lifetime, you meet a lot of people. Some of them stick with you through thick and thin. Some weave their way through your life and disappear forever. But once in a while, someone comes along who earns a permanent place in your heart.

The Wonder Years

I have been excessively romantic for the past few days. A lot of people noticed that I seem “cheesy” lately. I’ve been hooked to romantic films, songs and television shows. So is this what happens… when the love bug bites?

Upon reading what I already have written herein, you may get the instant idea of me being engaged in a romantic relationship once again. Well, to set your expectations to a more average level, or let’s say a “less ambitious” one, I’m not really in a relationship in the context of what the typical mind radiates from the brain upon hearing the word “love”.

As a quick background, I am generally not a cheesy or a corny blogger [haha]. I don’t really write a lot about love and what people think about it, but I think today is the perfect day for a “hearty treat”. I don’t know. I just feel like a big truck containing overflowing cheesiness hit me out of nowhere. And right now, this is me saying

I have been madly in love.

If you had watched the TV show “The Wonder Years”, you may be familiar with the quote that I shared with you above. The movie actually speaks for young love in a different but realistic point of view. But I’m not here entirely to talk about the movie. It’s actually just the lines in the particular quoted thought in the beginning of this entry that will be taken into account. So let us all dissect this wonderful sentiment (using my own sooo cheesy experiences, of course).

Over the course of the average lifetime, you meet a lot of people.

That’s particularly obvious and sensible. We are all social beings no matter how other people try their damn best to be labelled “loners” or “outcasts”. Socialization is actually not a choice. It happens, and it happens all the time, with or without personal intentions. Along with this inevitable socialization comes our getting to know different people with different stories, different lives and different personalities. We eventually will be a part of their lives and in return, they will also be a part of ours, definitely or not. Now just imagine how many people there are in this planet. There are more than six billion human beings dwelling this so-called “only livable planet in the universe”. That’s six billion plus and sometimes, when we take a look back, we’ve only encountered less than a hundred thousandth divided by a countless of the total population. But then we are not expected to meet everyone. This is the real world. We are stuck in our own hometowns unless we take the risk of moving out from a city or from a country. So we are, more often than not, left with the same circle of people who have been surrounding us since we were little. Yet and still, we continue to meet new faces and new adventures. We take the road less traveled and find out that we have gained and lost things and people in our lives.

Some of them stick with you through thick and thin.

There are people in our lives who aren’t really there physically all the time but are still faithful to us even when they’re miles away. We graduate in high school, move to a different school in a different town or in a different country, talk and interact with new people and sleep in a different bed situated in a different room in a totally different world. We manage not to communicate to these people whom we have met back then. There will be days when they won’t cross our minds at all. But when we meet with these people once again, we will feel that nothing has changed. They have been there: our parents, our relatives, brothers, sisters, and even our best buddies whom we always knew we could count on no matter what awaits in the bend. These are the people whom we consider our lifetime treasures—people who gained our trust, our faith and our loyalty. These are the people we’ve exchanged stories, laughs, tears, joys and miseries with. These are the people who made significant marks in our lives that we find it inconceivable to forget them. These are the people who contributed to what has become of us, and what will become of everything in our separate lives. We love them… just as much as they love us.

Some weave their way through your life and disappear forever.

At some point in our lives, fate will bring to us circumstances which will change our lives a bit, and then vanish in the thin air. We meet a group of people whom we thought all along would be our lifetime friends and partners. We give our all to these people, not knowing that one day they would be gone, just as drastically as weather changes under the influence of global warming. We sometimes even tend to call these people our “bestfriends”, our “partners in crime”, our “better twins”… our “better halves”. But somewhere along the distant path we clearly thought we would be walking on with these “expired bestfriends” or “rotten lovers”, we will just find ourselves going on with life and with the journey alone—the journey these people once promised us would be a trip for two. Well, that’s the bittersweet reality of life: it goes on… even when everything and everyone else stops. We just have to face the fact that at least once in our unpredictable lives, we would have to say goodbye to someone who promised to take care of us, love us, protect us… but didn’t—someone who swore to you would be there in the long run… but isn’t (not anymore). But there is always a reason why the people in our past didn’t make it to our future.

…but once in a while, someone comes along who earns a permanent place in your heart. =)

After battling a certain combat in our lives, we sit and think that maybe, we should give ourselves a break from the whole heartbreak warfare and just get out of the crazy world of unrequited love and unchained friendship. We perhaps choose to be in hiatus for quite a while. We say we need to find ourselves– who we really are without commitment. But just as we are being in silence and in a standstill, someone will shock us and our lonely hearts. Someone comes along and gives you a whole new world of bliss and inspiration. Just as you thought you would face the world alone, one person will take you by the hand, all of a sudden, and take you to places you’ve never been. This is now the bouncing back part of the entire course of life. We will meet people along the way who will earn a permanent place in our hearts. New friends, new loved ones, new teachers, new neighbors, new atmosphere… new almost everything. We will bump into people we never really thought we would meet before. New and fresh as their stay in our lives, they will be the ones who’ll make the ride easier and worthwhile. So through the years, we will find another hope and reason for living. We would start asking why we met these wonderful people just now. We would spend hours thinking about how they made us stronger and better. We would even come to a point where we wish they were there a long time ago when we were sick or feeling terrible. This, all of this, will get us to realize that life is actually like a game of poker. We never really know if we’re gonna hit the “jackpot”, or if we’re simply gonna be left empty-handed at the end of the night. We dance to a song of excitement and uncertainty, all with the hope of finishing the game with a lot of money. Well, life is like a poker, except that we’re also like the cards in the game. We are all being flipped and flopped, uncertain of finding other cards which will make a grand slam in the game. But out of all of these uncertainties and vagueness, we are still there, in the game, whether we like it or not. There is a beautiful chance of winning the game, but even if we end up being the “loser cards”, at least we were there… on the table… waiting for our perfect matches– people who have made a particular impact in our lives.

Permanent or not, forever or just for a school year… we are still lucky to be in a romantic serendipity.

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