I’d Rather Be an Idiot

My Symphony:Nothing. Just the serene sound of the raindrops hitting the roof.

… because sometimes, an idiot is way wiser than a genius.

I assume not everyone was able to watch the movie 3 Idiots. Well as a quick information, it is a Bollywood movie featuring Indian actors in a story which never failed to move me. I will share with you my reaction to the movie. This is originally our task in my Eng1 class; however, I still believe that people who by some chance or circumstance were able to visit my blog will somehow learn a lot from this.

Here it is.

Taking a look at the current status of education and life as a whole, one may see how humanity has been swallowed up by false ideologies, twisted beliefs and a superficial idea of happiness and success. The movie “3 Idiots”, however, didn’t fail to tackle several issues most of us are apathetic or even clueless about in this present day situation. Upon watching the movie, I realized that education is different from mere schooling. In the movie, it is shown to us that college isn’t about earning a degree or getting a precious diploma on graduation day. A high-paying job, a pretty wife, fancy cars, gigantic houses and an overflowing bank account top most of the students’ list of reasons for entering college. None of these mattered to Rancho. He entered college for the joy of learning, and I can’t help but get moved by such sentiment. Digging in deeper to the film, I learned that life is a mishmash of different roads with many streets and turns, and we should be the ones to decide for ourselves which road to take. It is indeed true that no one can ever completely dictate you aside from your heart—your own and not any other’s heart. I know a lot of people who were forced to take up courses which are pre-medical or pre-law even when all along, they wanted to be artists, journalists, singers or actors. We can’t keep on living a life built on lies and pretense. In the end, we will be the ones who will suffer the consequences of being too cowardly to follow our hearts’ desires. Another that strikes me is the friendship of those three idiots. Farhan, Raju and Rancho have undergone a lot of trials and difficulties together, but they were also able to solve and overcome them together. They were able to form a bond which stood the test of time and distance. They even came to a point where they treated each other not just as friends but as brothers and as a family. It is very heart-warming to see how a person can care for you, how far he would go just to help you out and how willing he is to fight for your friendship. From these three idiots’ bond, I learned that a friend is someone who knows the song in your heart and can sing it back to you when you have forgotten the words. Sometimes, when we’re down and wasted, we tend to forget who we really are. Sometimes, a true friend knows us better than we know ourselves and believes in us even when we stop believing in our own capacities. The three idiots in the film proved that a friend scolds like a father, cares like a mother, irritates like a brother, teases like a sister and most of all, loves more than a lover.

When Raju’s father was taken into the hospital by Rancho in an emergency, Rancho said something which almost drove me to tears. After Raju found out about his father’s condition in the hospital, Pia asked the idiots if they have exams for the next day. Rancho responded saying “Exams? We have many… but a father, we only have one”. I am just amazed at how Rancho genuinely weighs things. It’s like he perfectly knows what matters and what doesn’t at a given situation. Another scene in the film which really caught my attention is the part where Rancho confronted the director of ICE, Virus, in Joy Lobo’s funeral. He told Virus that he’s lucky because the dead man’s parents and the investigators have no clue that what really happened wasn’t a suicide but a murder. Rancho added that it’s not the pressure on Joy’s neck which killed him. He went on asking “How about the mental pressure for the last four years of his life?” I find this line very witty and striking. Not everyone has the capacity to tell that to the director of one of India’s finest schools.

Finally, I also admire the part where Virus commanded Rancho to teach in front of the whole class. At first, he humiliated Rancho by implying that a mere student wants to change the system of the school and the way of teaching. Rancho slowly grabbed the two-inch thick book, scanned it for a couple of seconds and began writing on the board “Farhanitrate” and “Prerajulization”. He told the class, including the director, that they should look for the meaning of the two words within a given amount of time. In the end, no one was able to get the meaning of either of the words. Rancho emphasized the truth that their school isn’t teaching Engineering, but is merely teaching students to become bookish and totally encyclopedic. Rancho said that he didn’t teach the class Engineering, but rather taught Virus how to teach. This act is something which I find both brave and heroic. In this scene, one may be able to realize that many schools nowadays no longer teach students how to be wise. Sadly, some schools offer sheer degrees, diplomas and a very impressive transcript of records and credentials, but fail to offer genuine education and learning.


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