Bouncing Back to Beverly Hills

My Symphonies: California Bound by Carolina Liar
My First Kiss by 3OH!3 feat. Kesha

Honestly, I am experiencing a CULTURE SHOCK in my own culture.

The third season of 90210 premiered last month (September) with a lot of surprises. Going through several reviews and criticisms of the show online, I can say that a lot of people were disappointed with the season 2 finale. I have to agree that some events in the finale didn’t really add up to what momentarily appeared in the recent season. Mr. Harry Wilson “The Daddy Principal” suddenly disappeared in season three, just the way Ethan Ward evaporated just like that in the second season. However, I can never say that I am completely frustrated with the show. In fact, I’m not even affected by the little flaws of the tv series. Liking something is relative. I just love the show the way it is.

Although I hate it that the Annie-Liam loveteam wasn’t that successful in the third season, I must say that that’s just the way it is. In real life, teenagers never stick to one. Okay, maybe there are a few who so dramatically and desperately try to be faithful to just one. You know… those “one-woman-man” and “my-first-and-last-kiss girls”. But even so, it is also evident that relationships never really last for too long among teenagers nowadays.

Now I realize that my ideal life is that lived in Beverly Hills. I’ve never been there. Well, I’ve never been there physically, but emotionally, intellectually and dramatically… yes, I’ve been there many times.

I don’t know what’s so wrong about this place I live in that makes me wanna be somewhere else all the time. When I graduated in high school, I wanted to be either in Manila or in Iloilo so much. Came freshman college year, I actually moved to Iloilo, this time with the desperation to transfer to Cebu or Diliman. After thinking (and thinking some more), I realized there’s still some place I wanna be in. I mentioned last year that I found that I am like a true-blue American boy trapped in a Filipino’s body. I take that back now. Haha! I just came to see myself as a patriot who wants to change the system in his own nation.

What I’m trying to say here is that maybe what the Philippines lacks is a little change. We all know that as a tradition, we are trained to be hospitable, caring and loving. As a culture, we are expected to be respectable, religious, conservative and reserved. The list of all the good things which are expected from us goes on:  charitable, kind, honest, courteous, polite, dignified, blah blah blah. Not that I am saying that these values and morals are bad because technically and vocabulary-wise speaking, values and morals can never be bad, but it’s just that I don’t see these values very existent among us Filipinos anymore. The past generation has proved its culture as a people. How about this generation? How about our generation? Didn’t it occur to anyone that maybe we are all just expecting too much from generation X? What if this world really is destined to be filled with mistakes in the near future? What if it’s too late to pretend that the Philippines is still a place of a tradition which is permeated with an almost perfect set of values– a set of values which I tend to view as an almost perfect set of expectations.

Expectations lead to disappointments.

This is a general truth. We can never be disappointed unless we expect. If we expect too much, then there is a great chance of getting enormously disappointed.

Personally, I think that this whole view of the youth as nothing but failure boils down to the people’s expectations. Like what I’ve said, this world is fast-changing. The reality is that we can do nothing about it even if none of the original Filipino norms will remain in the feared future.

Maybe I am saying all of this because I am a teenager. Maybe it’s because I’m not born in 1960. Maybe it’s cause I watch too much American soap operas, or maybe it’s because I am a youth and I dream of changing the world too much. Whatever the reason is, I know what I want. I want Philippines to start embracing change. It will be for the progress of the nation.

I mean, come on. Nothing and no one succeeds in a stagnant standstill (pardon the redundancy. it’s just that I want to emphasize things here).

So, this is why the 90210 (zip code of Beverly Hills, California) life is my ideal life. I am attracted to its liberated and carefree culture.

90210, you inspire me.

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