The Ice Cream Diary

My Symphony: I Fell In Love Without You (acoustic version) by Motion City Soundtrack

If last time I’ve been wondering whether or not I am a cactus, today I found myself drowned by seven pillows ‘til two in the afternoon and by seven cups of vanilla ice cream topped with chocolate chip cookies since the minute I woke up. Now I start to wonder… Has my irresistible childhood addiction to sweets returned after many years of exile, or is it just my heart carrying a load of depression seeking refuge in carbohydrates?

I often see in soap operas that when a person gets extremely cheerless and gloomy, he finds escape in indulging himself in life’s simple pleasures. I don’t know what kind of pleasure you have in mind, but I’m pretty sure ice cream and cookies count.

Today, my time has come. It is my turn to drown myself in ordinary fancies which bring out extraordinary relief from life’s inevitable bitterness. I can just smile even by the mere thought of gliding that silver spoon filled with 100% pure frozen vanilla cream along my lips. I reach out for a couple of delightful cookies smothered with cream as my eyes grow daintily bigger and brighter before such scene of delicate beauty juxtaposed by both bliss and passion. With the cream-filled cookies carefully approaching my half-opened mouth, my cheek bones begin to appear momentarily higher than they used to be in the absence of the luscious treats which are at the moment finding their way right into my system and into paradise. Every ticking of the clock signifies a second closer to the bottom of the whipped transparent cup in which I contained all the milky goodness of what I have been devouring. As I reach the last lump, I close my eyes, hold the spoon near and smell it, and then I swallow every existing molecule which comes with such wonderful treasure. The next second, I open my eyes… and I am back to reality— the reality that I may escape from a tragic turn of events for a little while, but I will have to face it now, or never.

Holy moly. I just came to see that I have so many methods of getting away from my problems. Well, an ex-friend-turned-mortal-enemy once told me that I am such a weak piece of creation. I always run away when everything turns dark and ugly, just the way some people insist I ran away and moved to Iloilo last June. At least that’s what a couple or three people told me. Well, I am not here to judge what other people think of me and my decisions anymore. I think I’ve outgrown that already. What I am here for is basically just the relief blogging gives me especially now that I have “social issues” and just recently, a little love life complication. Argh. Since when have I become such a romantic? I don’t know. Since last Saturday? Ugh. I hate to admit it but yes, I have been head over hills over someone who may not even be worth it.

So now I am left at home alone with my lonely heart… and a not-so-lonely cup filled with vanilla ice cream topped with cookies.

Awwwwwwh. Yeah right.

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