Diagnosis of a Filipino Dream

My Symphony: My Wish by Rascal Flatts

It is an apparent paradox that the very place Filipinos once fought and died for is now becoming the very hell they are struggling to escape.

Look around you and you will see a vivid scene of a gradual abandoning of our Mother Land— students dreaming of becoming the best they can be in another country, graduates in search for better job opportunities in a different setting, families migrating to countries belonging to the “first world” and employees realizing that they are getting way less than they deserve. Everything in the present situation of the Philippines is already screaming for progress and change that have never been offered to the citizens. Our nation has long been a nest of parasites that are ceaselessly tearing apart every breath of promise and hope set upon by our ancestors. If there’s one outstanding reason behind the unstoppable fleeing of our nation’s own citizens, it is because they are all starting to feel that the desperately longed bright future in this place is frighteningly turning into a myth, and it is such a tragedy that the dense dirt of our corrupt leaders and poor economy left us with no other option but to leave the very place we once wanted to be in so much… all for the sake of finally living the ideal life we’ve all been wishing for.

No matter which side of the situation you look at, nothing can ever conceal the fact that the Philippines is dreaded with incompetent leaders, unstable economic and political status, a below-average education system, feeble security and a myriad of inhabitants that are already losing hope. So negatively judging people who decide to look for a more stable life outside the country is just like telling a lovely bird to stay inside a cage when you know for yourself that there’s a better world out there. Working abroad has actually helped many Filipino families and even the nation itself. It is already year 2011, and it is too late for us to be close-minded and apathetic about the reality that is set before our eyes. Many people still force themselves to do away with the whole “work abroad” frenzy, but the underlying truth is that they are only too blind or too ignorant to see that there is no point in dwelling with what is pointless. It is important to be practical and wise especially now that the Philippines is undeniably getting worse as years pass by. Go. Leave. If you feel that it’s the best for you, do it. After all, it is not an issue of betrayal and selfishness but a coagulation of wit, practicality and open-mindedness.

Sometimes, leaving or letting go isn’t a bad thing. It even strengthens you and turns you into the best you can possibly be.

For Reance’

….who is too busy dancing and being with her boy_friends to write an essay.

Haha. No, I’m just kidding, Re. 🙂

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