Baiting For Mathematics

My Tune: New Light of Tomorrow by Husky Rescue

I was going over my college notes and papers, and I found something I made which was supposed to save me from the dreaded Failing Mark in Math1 during the first semester. Well I read it, and I still can’t believe that I never shared it with the class as my report.

We were all supposed to have individual reporting in our Math1 class about anything that involves, well of course, Math. I already submitted the outline of my report to my professor, and she even liked it. I’m pretty sure I had one of the few unique topics on Math. My report was focused on Mathematics in the context of Literature. I am basically not such a huge fan of numbers, so what better way is there to deal with numbers than to incorporate them with something I know and readily love like literature? So, without further adieu, here is one of the Math Poems I made. 

For Prof. May D. Pison

I know I’m not your favorite student. *laughs 🙂

[Written last September 24, 2010]

I think that Mathematics is an abstraction between our “innermost mind” and the “outermost universe”. In Math, we tend to solve problems, deal with complex situations, decipher vague variables and give solutions to certain situational complications. But I think that one part of Math compensates with another. I think that Math is both the disease and the remedy. They say “Math equals solutions”. I say Math equals problems plus solutions.

Baiting For Mathematics

Oh Mathematics, it’s such a shame

For me to fail you all the same;

With teary eyes, I feel so blue,

So horribly baffled and hopeless too.

I have fought the soldiers of Algebra,

Tried to kill them using Encarta;

But after all my attempts to reach the end,

I just found out that nothing happened.

I know my grandfather isn’t Euclid,

For our names put together sound so stupid;

I’ve scratched my knee in finding what is true,

What people think, believe and misconstrue.

But “All is well”, they may say;

Success is just somewhere along the bay;

And so I shall continue to bait

For that one thing my mind can’t seem to inculcate.

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