Statements of Gratitude and a Supernova of Flashbacks

My Symphony: Kids by MGMT

I am making this post very brief and precise. I just wanna thank everyone who made my [last] birthday in this city a memorable and a rockin’ one.

I thank God for giving me another year to live in this world. I thank Him for giving me the coolest and truest friends and family.

I thank my Mom because even though she wasn’t around during my birthday, I know that she is always emotionally present. I wanna thank her for making it possible for me to spend one night with all my loved ones.

I thank Dad and the rest of my family members for supporting me and giving me the enlightenment to see things in a guided perspective. Auntie Boots, thanks for the spag. Munch, thanks for the dessert. Ton, THANKS sa libre kag sa pag all-out ma-oy sa Ice kag sa balay. 🙂 Tito Pol, Mama Au, thanks for the gifts and for the love and care. Manong Kipoy, Manang Ember, Manong Makoy, Maevin, Viola, thanks to you as well.

To my college friends, thanks for traveling miles from home just so you could celebrate my birthday with me. Lester, I’m sorry that you had to spend more time traveling than being here. But I hope it was all worth it and fun for you in those mere 14-16 hours that you’ve been here. Es, thanks for the JD brownies and for the amazing speech you gave five nights ago […]

[This blog entry is unfinished.

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