We May Never Pass This Way Again

My Symphony: If Everyone Cared by Nickelback

After everything that I’ve gone through for the past three weeks, I have come to the conclusion that taking simple but special things for granted can definitely be one of the BIGGEST regrets you’ll make in your life. I should know. That’s what I’m going through right now.

Everytime I think of how much I hated high school, ignored college, despised studies and found my life boring, I wanna punch my…self in the face. I mean, what was I thinking?! CHILDHOOD really does come but once. And yes, to all teenagers out there, you may constantly say that you’re bored and that you detest school and you wish you could work already. I thought the same way before too, but later on you’ll find out that the moment you are living today might not come back tomorrow; the people you are with on a daily basis might no longer exist in your life the next month or the next year, and that some time in the near future, some beautiful things that you are taking for granted right now can never be yours ever again. Like your cuddly pet dog, or your bedroom, or your favorite food, or your annoying buddies, or your bestfriend, or even the casual people you meet and greet everyday of your concurrent life. All of it, including things you think are derogatory like your enemies, haters, your least favorite subjects, your “below-average country”, the dorm you’ve lived in, the dorm mates you were irked by, the eternally boring streets you are walking on since you were born, the house which has acquired a certain atmosphere of aging as it grows old with you living in it for many, many years… ALL OF IT. They will all be GONE at one point in your life, and you would wish you appreciated everything and everyone MORE. In most cases, like mine, it is too late.

Well, I also have enjoyed being a teenager, but not to the point when I can completely say that I’ve been there and I’ve done that. Time always seems so insufficient, and the only thing we can do is live it in a way that we won’t regret someday. Because it’s not all the time that we define the moments in our lives. Sometimes, THE MOMENTS IN OUR LIVES DEFINE US. And what if we were sleeping, or skipping stuff, or taking things for granted when those moments take place in our lives? Do we just let them pass? Do we not try our damn best to make the most of everything? Are we gonna be victims of our own short-comings? It’s all up to us. But the whole point is, we should enjoy whatever we have and wherever we are in life right now.

So do that homework, chat with your friends all you want, party til dawn, tell the people you love that you love them, laugh with your best friends, care for your family, give your dog a “baby bath”, eat a lot, take long walks on the beach, learn new things with your loved ones, try your damn best not to SKIP or even IGNORE invitations to birthday parties and nights out, DO EVERYTHING WITH A SMILE ON YOUR FACE, hug people, have fun and most of importantly, NEVER under-appreciate anyone in your life…EVER! Because not everyone in our present can make it to our future. And when we find ourselves standing on our future’s grounds, we will definitely miss everything and everyone. We will miss the non-working days, the carefree lifestyle, the city we lived and grew up in, the people we used to always talk to and laugh with 24 hours a day, 7 days a week whom we never even get the chance to see anymore, the clothes you used to wear, even school… We will miss all of these simple yet special things later on in our lives. That is why the best thing for us to do is to SEIZE THE DAY, and APPRECIATE the simple things in life.

Our youth comes but once. And it’s true. It really is true…



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