Of Love and Loneliness

My Symphony: Through The Trees by Low Shoulder

Through the trees, I will find you. I will heal the ruins left inside you.

I feel a lot of emotions. Today, I feel sadness.

I always wondered what brings sadness. Personally, I feel like the nature of depression is very complex. When we cry, we like to believe that there is a single reason behind the tears, but I don’t believe that anymore. I’ve been deliberately observing my thoughts everytime I feel unhappy, and I’ve finally come to the conclusion that sadness, actually, is a form of an emotional energy which shows how much you’ve lived. It’s not just the losses, the frustrations and the failures that kick in when we are sad. It is also the existence of the good things in our lives– the laughter, the success, our friends and family, our lovers– that somehow tend to cease at some point in our lives.

Right now, I am sad because of a myriad of reasons. Some of which, I cannot even completely comprehend. But no matter what my reasons are, it’s always the same with the rest of the people dwelling here on earth. I could be brutally wordy about this matter, but now I just choose to say that as time goes by, I find that life is starting to get predictable and repetitive.  There are literally billions of songs recorded, books written and movies made in humanity. What have you noticed? I don’t know, but I noticed that an undeniable majority of those works focus on the theme of love. Now, that’s not such enough reason to say that the world is repetitive and predictable, but this is:

Millions of books [especially novels] published and unpublished are all about someone who desires love, looks for it, finds it, loses it for a little while, and either finds it or grows bitter in the end. Either way, all those books are all the same. In the same note, millions of movies known to man also dwell on the theme of love. And just like novels, they all tackle the issue of love in different aspects only they show it not tell it. Still, the songs we listen to are mostly about the same matter. Millions of songs are about heartbreaks and feelings and emotions that are probably never meant to be said directly to someone– only sung. And so if you add them all up, that leaves the world with almost billions of work of art that focuses on one thing: LOVE. Yet ironically enough, it is the same thing that brings loneliness to our hearts.

When did life become so formulaic? When did this world selflessly submit itself to slavery by such an abstract and cynical concept? There’s no need for any answer to either of the questions. The way I see it, life is and will always be life. And that’s just about it.

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