Boy, Do I Miss the 90’s

See Video:

I remember watching this on television (All That) way back 2005. And now that I’ve seen this again (in Youtube), I come to realize that I am almost seven years older from those times when there’s Aaron Carter (not Justin Bieber), All That and The Amanda Show (not today’s lame reality tv shows), Hanson (not Jonas Brothers), Super Mario on Family Computer (not DOTA and everything in 3D sh*t), when having friends actually meant having REAL connection (not 100,000+ Facebook friends who don’t even really give a f*ck about you in real life), when Lindsay Lohan was still that charming little kid in Parent Trap (not this psycho drug slut who pops pills like they’re candy), when people actually had to write with pen and paper (not a monitor and keyboard) and send letters via an actual mailing system (not texting, ym-ing, skype-ing or all that other stuffs), when students used an actual alarm clock to get up early for school (not just phone alarm), when the blockbuster was still a constant source of an impressive income and a rich culture (not a freakin’ thrift store!), when people had to go to the theatre to see a movie and when M&M’s tasted much more genuine and flavorful.

It’s official. This world is becoming faker and faker as each second passes. It’s not a wonder why some people (who were born in the early 90’s) ask themselves what the hell happened to this place which used to be beautiful and authentic. And now it seems like everything is just TOUCH-SCREEN deep. Even us humans.

Superficial much. Don’t think humanity is progressing just because there is a myriad of inventions and “cool” sh*t. Because the truth is, when you just open your eyes to reality and look beyond what meets the eye, you’ll find out that before you stands a sad reality of an unstoppable deterioration (in all aspects).

And nope, I’m not “just sayin”.

*boy, do I miss the 90’s.

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