The Song That Was Sung and the Sea That Contained Reality

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Let me be the one to break it up, so you won’t have to make excuses. 

I was having dinner at this restaurant by the sea with a couple of friends when I heard this song being played by a Filipino local band here. At first, I only thought to myself that I missed this song. I haven’t heard it being performed by a live band for more than seven years, nor have I listened to it in the radio or in Youtube for the past 15 months or so. But as the band went on performing this song, all I could think about was how lonely I actually am.

I think it was the vocalist’s smooth and caressing voice that got me. Or perhaps the lyrics and the rhythm of the song itself. But I also think it was the synergy of everything that has been going on in my life and everything that I was feeling that night. It was the sum of the song being played by a great band, the dim lighting in the restaurant, the candles in the dining tables, the cold wind brushing through my hair, the memories from the past, the ups and downs of the present, the fears and mystery of the future, and my knowledge that at that very moment, I was there, staring at the sea while listening to that sad, sad song, trying my best to be oblivious to reality.

And I chose to be strong. I chose to be brave and nonchalant. But the only thing that came out of me is a tear from my left eye that I tried so hard not to let my friends notice. Right then and there, I finally came to understand that what was felt will always be more honest than what was chosen.

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