Today is the First Day of the Rest of the Days

December 2, 2011 | 11:02pm Vancouver BC time

Today I have completely outgrown Facebook.

I spent the whole day watching movies, listening to random music and eating gummy candies, and I realized that the day I abandon Facebook has finally come. I’m not gonna deny it, and I am hoping you won’t either, that the overused site we are all fond of is already getting too populated, too superficial, too impersonal and too convoluted (in a derogatory way). In other words, it has become boring. It’s been a good run pouring my heart out in that website and having everyone (including people I do not know and do not know me) know about tiny bits of the things that are happening in my life by posting emotional, mostly histrionic, statuses and dramatic pictures with dramatic captions. It’s been a good run sharing a bit of myself in that social network. All of those wild, careless and immature whining, bragging and ranting will surely be missed. But I already took a vow to myself never to stagnate in a certain place or with a certain thing. I do not like being dormant and static. I have to keep moving, and I have to keep growing. The first step, as you might have guessed, is letting go of the things that werein order to have room for the things that will be. With my rational and completely logical abandoning of Facebook comes my welcoming of this blog, Kenntativity. It’s actually funny how and where I got this term from. To cut the long story short, Kenn is my first name and “tentative” is one of the words that best describe me. It is a good friend of mine from whom I first heard the term. It’s a pseudonym he came up with some time last year to describe me. At first, I thought it was nonsense. I was in denial. But now, I am ready to embrace it. I am ready to embrace the fact that I really am Kenntative. I just never stick with a single thing for too long. I also never indulge myself in a single way of life for too long, or commit to anything for too long, or make final decisions. Basically for me, nothing is final.

I am now starting this blog, Kenntativity, for a purpose. This blog will be updated at least once a week. I just figured that my main blog is already too wordy and too vague for me to make this new one another enigma. So, just to let anyone who might end up reading this page, please know that this will be like my very own diary. Who says only girls can have diaries? As far as I can tell, that is already an ancient belief and an archaic misconception. Boys have feelings too. And unfortunately for most of us, they aren’t really the type who express what they feel. I don’t know, but most male species have other ways of expressing their anger, happiness and love. But it doesn’t really matter. It just happens that my major outlet is writing. So this is exactly what I am doing now. Writing.

Unlike my main blog (Aftertaste of a Mental Foreplay), this one will be filled with brief yet concise bits of stories. Whenever I have a major realization or experience that I want to expand on, I put it in my Aftertaste. But if I have tiny bits of stories to tell, but I don’t really want to write something too lengthy as I usually do in my other blog, I’ll do it here.

Ladies and gentlemen, without further adieu, I bring you KenntativityToday is the tomorrow we were afraid of yesterday. 

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