Happy Birthday, Dad

Today I ordered and ate at a restaurant like a spoiled brat.

My dad is probably the thriftiest person I know in my life. Wait. No. Thrifty isn’t even enough a word to describe his constant obsession with needing to save money all the time. He practically thinks $5 is a lot of money when in fact, it’s not. It’s really NOT! It’s just a cup of coffee. But anyway, today he turns 48 or 49. I’m not sure. So yeah. Today he turns a year older, and this is the perfect day when I could live off his money without any complaints. Since it’s his birthday, and he doesn’t really spend too much on us that often, today I took the liberty of ordering the pricey stuff I want in a fancy restaurant.

If there’s something I’m feeling right now, it would be satisfaction. I am satisfied. A $171 bill for four people isn’t really that pricey afterall. At least that’s what I think. But ask my dad and it’s gonna be a completely different story.



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