Lemon Chicken

7:10pm Vancouver BC time

Today I found myself a new favorite dish: lemon chicken.

I just love how the lemon sauce penetrates my mouth and how it tastes so well with freshly cooked chicken strips. I guess I am saying goodbye to Fish and Chips. I’ve been eating too much of those, and now I am ready to replace it with Lemon Chicken. Yes. I have made up my mind. Lemon Chicken is now my number one favorite viand.

Other than finding myself an awesome new food addiction and sleeping for about 12 hours, nothing really major happened today; except for the two things my fortune cookies told me after I ate my lemon chicken:

1. You will have an important decision to make next month.

2. You will be a guest of a gracious host. 

I don’t even know what to say or what to feel. I never really believed in fortune cookies mostly because I never really had many fortune cookies before I got addicted to the Chinese Cuisine. I am not really sure about the second one, but I think I know what my fortune cookie means by “an important decision to make next month”. I’m actually sure of it. If this decision of mine will push through (as I am hoping it will), January 2012 will really be the most major thing that is about to take place in my life. *Excitement is in the air.

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