Lately, I have been experiencing the wonderful and incredible benefits of being single.

Not having to text or call someone every second of every day, not being obliged to go on a date or a Skype chat even if you don’t feel like it, having the freedom to love without the damage of stress and dishonesty, being able to FLIRT with just about anyone you find attractive without feeling any guilt, having the liberty of “exploring” without the fear and worry of being labeled a promiscuous slut, and most of all, knowing that you never have to lie to anybody and that you will never hurt anybody including yourself… Who needs relationships? I know I don’t. At least not at the moment.

I am not being a heartless douche here. I have so much love in me, and I am saving all of it for someone who really deserves it. In the mean time, I am simply enjoying what life and my age offer me.

And the thing is that unlike most people, I actually am aware that relationships nowadays are undeniably over-rated. Most couples think that what they have is a real relationship but really, it is not. And they know it. They are just too naive and too carried away that they sometimes reach the point of calling what they have “love”.

As for me, I already am experienced enough to understand that love isn’t supposed to be abused. It isn’t supposed to be a game or a booty call. It isn’t supposed to be a venue for greed, lust and self-satisfaction. Because from what my wisdom tells me, love, above all things, is and will always be GENUINE. And if it’s not genuine, it is not love.

And so I am still sticking to that promise I made myself a couple of months ago: I will NEVER be in a relationship ever again… until I am sure it is GENUINE.

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