UPV Freshman’s Response

My Symphony: You’re Gonna Go Far, Kid by The Offspring

Just because I remember my brief days in University of the Philippines- Visayas, I decided to write my very own Freshman’s response. 

Three months ago, I graduated in high school with both fear and excitement about the fact that college life is about to begin very soon. I’ve been through a lot of emotional roller coaster rides just by thinking about how my life is about to be turned to a whole new direction and a whole new dimension. Everything about this brand new experience brings me to contemplate how different yesterday is to today.

Looking back, I was this kind of kid who was excessively pampered by the comforts of his city. I was living the easy-go-lucky life in a home where there are housemaids and in a school I’d been in for years. My whole life I was living in a delicate little bubble which had isolated me from the real world—that which offers challenges, trials and most importantly, change. For the past sixteen years of my life, I walked on the grounds of this earth without knowing that one day, I would be here; that one day, I would be away from home; that one day, I would actually have to step out of my comfort zone and embrace the reality that change is the only permanent thing in this world.

Now, I am in a whole new place and a whole new university which surrounds me with a sea of unfamiliar faces, a ground of independence and an atmosphere of transformation.

Indeed, change is our predestination. It is something we cannot avoid or run away from no matter how hard we try. It is true that life may be associated to seasons. Seasons change. Summer can’t stay forever. Sometimes, it has to rain. But in the same manner, it can’t rain forever. There will always be a room for the sun to rise up again. Let us take a look around us, and we may see that everything, aside from seasons, changes.
Seeds don’t stay as mere seeds forever; they grow into tall, mighty trees. Caterpillars don’t stay as crawling creatures forever; they metamorphose into beautiful butterflies. Kids don’t stay as naughty little children forever; they mature into better, more responsible adults. Likewise, as freshmen students, we can’t stay in our respective delicate bubbles for the rest of this lifetime. We have to grow up, face obstacles and begin a new journey. We shall all stop being who we were, and change into who we are meant to be. As the famous alternative band Switchfoot verbalizes, “there is a difference between who we are and who we could be… between how it is and how it should be”.

High school was fun and everyone one of us loves and treasures those four years of carefree fun-packed adventure. But even if we try to deny it, high school is already a part of history. If life was a book, we are already in a new chapter and all that’s left for us to do is to keep on reading and turning those pages until we’ve learned new things, seen new wonders and lived a new life that is way better and bigger. We all have to let go of our past and start with a clean slate which is yet to be marked by wonderful memories which are destined to be made here in UP-Visayas.

As freshmen students, we are here standing in square one. And standing on it doesn’t mean any less of a challenge. The journey to a thousand miles begins with a single step. And that first step is the biggest and the most crucial one. We are here in this university not as carefree little kids anymore but as college students who are one step closer to attaining their lifetime dreams and goals—the ones we all have been chasing since we were in kindergarten. Remember that phrase we used to blurt out when we were younger? “When I grow up, I want to be…” Some of us here might have said he wanted to be a doctor, a nurse, the president of the Philippines and even an astronaut when they were little. And now here we are. Still in the race for those dreams we all wish would come true. But wishing doesn’t stop at simply wishing. We shall put our best foot forward in an effort to turn our dreams, far-fetched they may be, into reality.

No star is high enough, my fellow freshmen. Anyone of us can grab the prettiest and brightest star that lures him away from his own horizon. We just have to take that first step and start right in this premier university. Let us make no room for cowardice and mediocrity. There are thousands of teenagers who desperately want to enter in this university, but only a few have succeeded in finally making their way to this prestigious institution. Being here means being the best of every high school, the best of every city and the best of everyone of us. We are here for a reason. And no matter what that reason is, we must make something good and better out of it.

Again, what has passed is now a part of our history—the home we used to live in, the family we love but we parted from and the friends whom we have shared a billion of moments with. But history doesn’t exist just so we could forget it. History must be something that we could learn from. Every greatness is a patchwork of memories, hardwork, trials and everything in between life. So though we are finishing an old chapter of our lives to start a new one, we must make our past a part of who we are now and who we will become someday. Thus, we shall all be grateful to our parents, who sacrifice and work hard to bring us into this university, our friends who have been there for us in good times and in bad and most especially, to God, for he is always there 24/7 to watch every move we make and guide us in every breath we take.

So in behalf of the freshmen batch 2010, I would like to take this chance to reverberate our gratitude to our parents, our elder “brothers” and “sisters” in the upperclassmen and to the Office of Student Affairs for being there in guiding us from day one up to the enrolment.

And to my fellow freshmen, LET’S ROCK THIS SH*T. 🙂

One thought on “UPV Freshman’s Response

  1. Kenn – this is the most spirited, positive-sounding and uplifting post I’ve read of yours, although I’m just getting started on your blog site. I’d kinda like to know if you gave this as a public address to fellow students from your high school – like a commencement speech a valedictorian would give? It certainly has that ring about it.

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