Kiddie Pool Deep

My Symphony: Let Me Take You Out by Class Actress

[Liam and Silver, 90210]

Season4,Episode20: The episode that affirmed my concrete belief that humans are generally incapable of fulfilling the concept of “forever” in relationships.

It is pretty much similar with all the other teen drama series, but 90210 really has the most mishmashed coupling up of characters that it has already come to a point of making no sense at all. I never missed a second of the series, and I am a witness. Everybody in this show is just dating everybody else. It doesn’t matter if that person was his/her bestfriend’s boyfriend/girlfriend or if he/she was a former love interest of somebody else close to him/her. And the worst part is none of the characters really seem to care. The girls who almost killed each other over a guy have instantly moved on, became friends again and are now dating the ex-boyfriends of their friends. And the guys who have been to hell and back just to win the affection of the girls are now with the girls who used to be their BEST BUDDIES’ “only one”.

And I am not being an over-reacting raw-truth concluding bitter self-righteous hypocrite here. I actually already took my Vow of “Celibacy”. I mean, what has happened to this world? What happened to chivalry, benevolent truth and altruistic indulgence? I know some breeds of people are fine with all the kiddie-pool deep connections going on in this planet, but it’s not fun anymore– not when you begin to acquire the knowledge and understanding that it’s ridiculously disturbing and derogatory.

But nope, I don’t hate 90210. It’s still my favorite show in the world. 🙂
I am just happy that the truth about “modern” human relationships is really being displayed in the open in broad daylight, and I am here… sitting, watching as humanity breaks into tiny ugly pieces of lies and dark fabrications. And at the end of the day, just like 90210, this all is just nothing more than a SHOW. Yep, that’s what all of this is. Some sort of a “live theatre performance” created and performed by all the “normal” humans in this world… and I’m the only one watching.


P.S. So much for my then undying hope that Annie and Liam will end up together in the end. Oh well scalpel! That’s it Sanskrit!

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