The Unicorn

My Symphony:  Look After You  by  The Fray

06.17.12  16:41

The Unicorn  by Kenn Edward Tenorio

I am the next chapter in the book you decided to stop reading.
I am the piece of light you never get to see.
I am a pair of shoes too small to fit your feet.
I am an animal untouched by you.
I am all the little things that you choose to ignore.
I am the last millimeter of your cigarette.
I am the pile of love that you tend to dispose.
I am a slice of hot chocolate cake trapped in your cold heart.
I am every inch of your dead hair.
I am the glass of wine you never learned to fancy.
I am the coffee sleeve of your white mocha.
I am each letter of the traffic signs.
I am the bed bug lurking in your sleep.
I am the tenth hour of your slumber.
I am all the clothes you never opt to wear.
I am the dark clouds ahead.
I am the leather jacket soaked and drowned in your rain.
I am the picture frame in your attic.
I am your Friday nights’ early bedtimes.
I am the eagle beneath your basement suite.
I am the peace in your strife;
I am the unicorn in your life.


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