September 24, 2012

Angus Stone / Bella (click here)

Most of the time, no one else can really ever understand what’s in our hearts except for us. I mean sure, you can try and speak your mind to your friends and your loved ones, and you can even try to write all of your thoughts out, or do everything else that you believe can help you express what it is that you feel. But really, the feelings that a human being feels are the most complex of all things, that not even a thousand thoughts or a million analyses can thoroughly explain. I think that these moments, when I just lie down my bed, just lying down, listening to this kind of music, the kind of music that doesn’t require any thinking, or reminiscing, or judging, or even listening, just me lying down and knowing that I am human, knowing that I feel and that I will continue to feel as long as I breathe, and that I don’t have to find excuses for my flaws or look for reasons for my actions, or search for meaning in what is taking place in my life at the moment… just being what I am ought to be in all that I truly am, in this very hour, this very minute. These moments. These are the moments that keep me alive.

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