Something From a Book I Can Never Finish Writing

An excerpt from Kenn Edward Tenorio’s “Having Afternoon Teas With Apollo” (unfinished):

There is this girl whom I had exchanged a couple of hi’s and hello’s with in high school. But I didn’t know who she was in real life. I didn’t know the sound of her laughter, if it was contagious or silent, or the weight of her crying, if it was dark or hopeful; I didn’t know the strange marks on her body, if she had a tiny mole on her left leg or a scar along the length of her lower back; I didn’t know her friends, if they were like sisters to her or if they simply were a background of her days. And I didn’t know her girly likes, if she loved wearing her hair down or if she had a crush on the likes of Orlando Bloom and Hayden Christensen. I never knew the specifics. But slowly, bit by bit, and then all at once, I come to know her through her writing. And between the words, amidst the letters and paragraph breaks, she has effortlessly become, by far, the most interesting girl I have ever known. And I don’t even know her.”
— p.11, Ethan Alvarez, ‘Having Afternoon Teas With Apollo’


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