My Symphony: Holding a Heart by Girl Named Toby



Today is filled with a billion different perspectives and a billion different lives.

Today is about fame, today is about riches. Today is about who’s the better actor, or who wore whose design and which celebrity dancer did who make out with. Today is the sequel of drunken nights and high post-adolescent delinquencies. Today is the twenty-four-hour self-loathing of the average Canadian pre-teen female. Today is the fully commercialized chat about dark under eye circles and beauty regimens over five-dollar cups of coffee. Today is the day she doesn’t catch the bus, and he hurts his toenail. Today is about the homeless man selling a portrait, and how annoyingly pathetic he is. Today is when the edgy, mysterious guy in the restaurant flips out because his steak is two minutes way over-cooked. Today is the lively reunion of high school friends. Today is the birth of a joey, a death of yet another ant. Today is the sidewalk ritual of people: students, athletes, office workers, hipsters, infants and musicians– all jamming into the already congested and the apparently polluted cityscape, all seemingly in a rush to go somewhere essential. A pretend place of fun and status. Today is when the world looks, feels, smells and rotates exactly the same.

Today, however, is also about sickness, about poverty, about pain. Today is about the cancer patient, the cancer survivor and the cancer patient that was. Today is the seventh vomiting, the fourth surgery. Today is the endless crying of the three-year old boy lost in the department store; the parade of large, powerful fears that eat up his brain at this stage of his life. Today is the continued starvation from last month’s famine. Today is the appearance of an old man’s ribs from malnutrition. Today is the pulling of the trigger, the ingestion of the pills. Today is the burning of the forest and the the contamination of the ocean. Today is the hurricane, the tornado, the tsunami and the terrorism that end it all. Today is heartbreaks; the first second of doubts and guilt in genuine human relationships. Today is the seed that grows and gets cut in the blink of an eye. Today is the father’s goodbye to his children, the eternal unraveling of very closely tied veins. Today, is the finale; the last white rose on the coffin. Today is the last word in a song. Today is the twelfth egg of a dozen. Today is the tears of a mother, the sweat of a young dad, the every breath of the ill, the every step of an amputee. Today is when life’s beauty and darkness become bigger. Today, the world is a sphere of second chances, of love and of hope. Today… each heartbeat is a reason to live, to be strong and to be grateful.

That’s what today is: it’s what you perceive it to be.


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