Broken Microphone

Growing up, I’ve gradually learned to walk away from nonsense and to stay away from debates as much as possible. I remember how I used to always speak up and even shout for what I believed in. I would not stop until I got my point across and until I made the other person give up and admit he’s wrong. But it got tiring. All of the arguments have started to seem trivial. I mean it is good to fight for what you perceive is right, but sometimes it’s just not necessary. There will always be people on your team and other ones who aren’t. All those quests for kindred souls just had to stop. Because no matter what, there are people in your life who understand you; who get you. People you don’t need to work so hard to connect to– you just click. These are the people you would want to keep for a lifetime. They are right there in your world. Just look closer. And when you finally rediscover who they are and where they’ve been sitting all along, sit with them… and never ever let them go.


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